God's Hands

Everything is in GOD'S HANDS!!! 
With that I am blessed! There are so many that think EVERYTHING is in their OWN hands. When He has had plans for us--laid out-back when we were in our mother's womb... back when HE WAS THE ONE WHO KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT US!! Every hair on our body!! We ARE HIS CHILDREN!!
But yet so much of this is thrown aside. Gets thrown aside during work when all gets busy-- focus is on making the next sale, or making the right decision, creating what the boss wants- yet time is so intense here--so fast--that we all forget to take the time to sit back to whom already has the answers!! Our creator- Jesus Christ!! Pray to Him, anywhere, anytime!! His answers don't always come ASAP-- as for that is His point. His time is the RIGHT time!! But the answers that are perfect-- WILL UNFOLD. And you will have nothing then to worry about! But still, we all have a tendency to forget- and move forward- FAST- on our own!
Health... we all can get out of control. Looking first for the RIGHT doctor on our own. Then when answers come back not good... we are upset.. many bitter. We close up and get angry, or depressed and secluded. Instead of knowing- Jesus WILL work thru it WITH AN AMAZING PLAN-- IN HIS TIMING- ALL FOR HIS GLORY!! This I learned face to face.. and finally learned to give it ALL to Him!!! And it turned out to work absolute wonders-as I reached to Him-and prayed and helped OTHERS--as I gave all mine already to Him to handle- in HIS TIME! And this gave me more gentle, loving, kind use of my heart for others!!! Knowing we all have "something" and not one issue is harder than another-- just different!!! 
There are so many souls that will bring you up-- out of the blue and recognize verbally, out of no where-how they see you working your strife in life-all for His Glory!! They see your pain and suffering-but not because you complain.. just prayers others have had-- blogs they have read-and then see you not complaining-but helping others and praising Jesus!! If you ever want to meet a true soul on twitter and facebook who will acknowledge this-with a heart you just aren't used to too often-- then WOW- connect with dear @Garfug ... his words are inspiring and have touched my heart for life- in regards to all of this. He sure knows how Jesus works!
Love you all-- Jesus has plans for you!! Even thru storms He loves you BIG TIME- as HE HOLDS YOU TIGHT- with awesome plans to follow!!
I am here for you for prayer! Blessings to all!!
In His Love,
Heather @AliveinMe   http://www.facebook.com/AliveinMe (Hetty Jeanette Jensen-Siebens)
1 Peter 1:7 These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. 



No Screaming over them!
No fighting.
No severe disagreement ... wait... no... just accept it all very easily, go with it all-simply-- OKAY!!!???
OKAY--- NOT!!!
Change has always been the human difficulty in life-refusal. The reason a lot of marriages will fail-- arguments BLOW UP-- counselors make money--and others just lose the mind and many, their faith. Changes are not avoidable. They will occur in everyone's life. For relationships of all types, friendships, family, marriages-- to stay strong, we sure have to keep the focus on love for each other-the amazing creation we all are, and with change-KNOW, IT IS JUST JESUS WORKING THRU US-FOR HIS GLORY!!
What is your change? New job? New hobby? New focus on type of family life? New faith focus on Christ? New friendship circle? New turn in health? New... some chosen... some hit upon us-either way-many changes out there. And as we change, adapt-our loved ones need to-as we adapt to theirs. And we help each other thru it. If we don't do this, on solid ground, thru our Solid Rock- Jesus Christ- everything will begin to fall apart- in every change-- THIS I KNOW SO WELL- from my ex. I #1 WOULDN'T CHANGE... #2 when I DID change-- everyone had to adapt to ME- but I didn't have to THEM. THANK GOD THRU TOUGH TIMES I FOUND JESUS--- and saw that selfish side... and learned humbleness .... and how to change for Christ, for myself, for others, and accept change of loved ones. 
This world keeps changing... but I know who is IN CONTROL... and I trust our Lord... our Savior and Creator... who can change every thing, in the snap of fingers. Our Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. He knows our changes and wants us to do it more gracefully thru HIM... just pray and look to HIM... He more than helps us... smile.. don't scream!!
I am blessed with such a dear husband. Patient as ever. As close to a humble Jesus as a human can get. I AM TOO BLESSED THERE... but I praise Him every day. Enjoy my humor picture I encouraged Christian to do with me... that is more me.. than him. But that is marriage. He jumped into it, for me... for that love. 100% 100% ---I love him so.
I love you all... Enjoy all change! He has plans thru it all!
In His Grip,
Heather  @AliveinMe

Colossians 1:6 This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace. 



It is just pure excitement-to be home. To be home with my loved ones, and feeling so well, so quick ... God is so good!! 
Do I feel perfect? NO. But to sit here, compare to prior brain surgeries that weren't as complicated-but much more painful-I CAN SURE SEE WHAT THE POWER OF AMAZING PRAYER DOES!! As my relationship with Jesus just grew tighter, closer since my second resection in 2005. And I can sit here and say, He is nothing but AMAZING, Loving, Caring, Merciful--->thru EVERYTHING! Holding my hand tight---and all my friends and family, and doctors! Made this all smooth out, so simply. Made my relationships grow with friends-- near and far-- so much closer than ever! And I am forever grateful. Grateful for every moment of suffering it took. As for that is how I met SOOOO many of my dear friends to begin with. We have to sit back and see the positives, out of what may seem like a negative---> realizing those positives WOULD NEVER HAVE OCCURRED if the hard stuff did NOT. So ALL I CAN SAY is AMEN!!
I came home to so much love from my family. Relief from my parents, that I survived. And my dear brother-- growing closer to accepting Jesus with all he has gone thru. Worth every moment of anguish if it helps any ONE person find Jesus.
Thru it all, I am finding my niche in life. I am seeing I can't sit still much longer---I need out THERE with my mouth for Christ. And I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR HIS TIME! 
Till then... I love you all, and praise God for your friendships and prayers! Know I am here to pray for you all!! And share, always my stories! He is just amazing--I am always in awe!

In His Love,

Heather  @AliveinMe

Psalm 145:5-6  I will meditate on Your majestic, glorious splendor and Your wonderful miracles. Your awe-inspiring deeds will be on EVERY tongue; I will proclaim Your greatness.



We all have so many gifts. Not the "beauty from this picture!" And not talking about Birthday, Christmas, the upcoming Love Card and gift day... when in reality, that should be every day---but we all have personal gifts, God gives to us.
Many of you may be sitting there thinking: what the heck is mine? I drive fast.. I have good hair.. I know how to do my make-up... my clothes are the finest... I raised all my children correctly... I make enough money for all... and so on and so on... and these gifts, are they really enough? Enough for you? For you to keep growing-to even find MORE gifts? Satisfied with one time shot of "good" or making ends meet perfect? Does being "uncomfortable" get you... YOU not feeling "gifted." To be outside of what YOU felt as YOUR gift..?
I have grown quickly to learn so much about Jesus, His absolute truth in 7 yrs... I started searching for Him-first REAL time February 9th-at 6pm... at http://www.cschandler.com  (Cornerstone Christian Fellowship) It is NOT an overnight learning. And it all isn't from reading the Bible like a BOOK... honestly, just isn't the way to read it... He talks to us thru where WE are called to open as we pray before opening. Now for any who have never opened it... that is my advice in the New Testament, not to read straight... but go where He leads. Not where people tell you- WHERE HE TELLS YOU... and He will.
When I did that... going thru such hard times, I finally after going to this church, some Sundays just ripped out of my mind, on large overdoses of Phenobarbital--to numb the pain of my ex beating me. That wasn't the ANSWER...nor did it get in the way of the Holy Spirit busting right thru my blasted brain...to talk to ME. ME!!! Was I really that special-to be directly guided, hugged, comforted, allowed to cry out loud-- all because of Him wrapping His love around me... opening my burnt brain to understand where Pastor Linn was leading with His Word? Yes. As are you!! As for He knew us all before we came to this earth... with awesome plans- that we- until, and still during our walk with Him, can really throw out of loop-from His originated way.. we usually, as humans-take it OUR way. But when you get in a crunch, you realize the word surrender so much better when presented it, clueless, and living a "perfect life" in our lives.. then "imperfectness" is allowed in... and we lose control... it is a true gift-HE IS THERE --- WITH LOVE and TRUTH-- The whole way!! Hands wide open... TRUE LOVE! And when we begin to open our heart and mind to Him... He is able to reach more deep into our lives... and mold us, as we keep walking with Him, clinging to Him... until amazing faith hits a home-run!! Then He is ready, even more, for us to lose that "comfortable feeling" and head forth to feed others His truth. Not like we won't have troubles... but our Spiritual walk, so much tighter with Him... that He is ready to place the step of strength-of battling others of non-belief, in LOVE, (as I was) to many... !!! Some may be starting with a neighbor, stranger in the mall, someone crying at church..a work partner or employer...smaller steps-that are BIG... but amazing ones. 
And THEN even more comes forward... we really have to learn to pray for everything, in HIS WILL. And you will see where He has planned for you. And with all of this... learning, growing, sharing, learning, growing, sharing.... all for Him, in all circumstances... He is smiling BIG knowing you are beginning to gleam more and more brightly for HIM and THRU HIM... and these feelings are amazing.
I have seen amazing doors opened thru my illnesses... and HUGE ones during my wellness. Either way, our life was given to us, thru His love and grace-FROM HIM... we are to use it FOR HIM. But sometimes that darn wrapped up comfortable life.. gets in the way!! 
We then have to slide "comfortability" aside. What family or friends think... how it has people slandering... if your call is missionary.. learn to give up everything FOR HIM. When sick... realize what prayer to Him does-- HE IS MEDICINE... created amazing docs... but half our issues fly away when our whole life is wrapped around HIM! We can share our testimonies in the hospital... they can hear our music... they can see our light thru illness, thru Him. Our loved ones coming to visit us at the hospital- can see a patients wife crying-- be like my daughter at 7--just stop her and ask "Do you know Jesus loves you?" And it isn't tears of sadness, it is tears of what if's? "What if my husband, who is about to die doesn't know Him... where will he go... and watch her turn back around to re-talk to her husband on deaths door. And even if he did pass away.. he had the way to find HIS WAY! And now so does she!! (He does cure people last minute as well...) All from a few simple words from an 8 yr old... I think we as adults who have learned so much-- either should be, as the Bible says "more child-like" -not scared to say it, the way it is from our mouths... or we have to sure learn to do it in an amazing "kind and gentle" adult way... either which way- it is an amazing hand out of Truth and LOVE to others- to share the True Good News about Jesus Christ.. reason for life-- and every holiday we love... and the One we should focus on for Valentines even more. He is LOVE.
I am so grateful to Him, forever and ever for all my re-saves, coddling me, helping me grow thru trials.. to be who I am now-- and can be even more to come for Him!! I lived in a dark life... not even realizing it.. and He shared His Love and truth, mercy and grace-thru it all-and NOW I can see from then, and now!! He always has so much in store for us all, in hard times, and great times-so gentle, really. Every time we just thank & Praise Him, knowing He has nothing but good in store- even thru the storms as we clench to HIM!!

Never regret your life-- He has amazing plans!!

In His Love and Grace,
Heather Siebens  @AliveinMe @EpilepsyCures

Romans 15:13 So I pray that God, who gives you hope, will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in Him. may you overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Ephesians 2:4 But God is so rich in mercy, and He
loved us so very much, that even while we were dead because of our sins, He gave us life when He raised Christ from the dead.