Let's Grow Old.....

Let's Grow Old... for Christian Siebens 7/4/04

I've got great dedication
to the best man there is
life sure seems it's ending
on a vast burning bridge

For it just may seem impossible
but you need to hold on tight
that bridge that feels it's coming down
could be the one that gives us light!

Just look beyond all our problems
look toward the coming years
for I'm tired of waiting for flawlessness
continuing that would cause me tears

The world is full of emptiness
if it doesn't contain love
It captured us and held us close
we were guided from above

We all need to learn to give love
need to learn to receive
for if our love doesn't have both
our life together will not breathe

We need passion
We need faith
We need commitment
but for God's dear sake...

We need each other's hand
down every winding road
life's weather can get harsh
and fearful stories could be told

We have to stay strong
do not collapse, do not fold
for you and I are worth it all
we're both fearless, we're both bold

So much in my life, broke my heart
but meeting you, put me back at start
a new breath of life, which starts a new living
full of sweet love and excitement we're giving

So hold on tight with me now
For I can't wait to mold
you quench my thirst as we are young
We'll hold strong while we grow old

I love you so precious one!!!


With you.... dear Christian Siebens.... every day is FOREVER!!


My letter of tears to Dear Hubby....

My Love .....
Precious One:
I Love you my precious one....

You are a new gift to me, every day.... and even though I am a bitch.... I truly thank Jesus for you every day!!!! Truly, never a day goes by without my love in my heart turning back to our kiss on October 6, 2007, and thanking Him deeply for you!!! You are special in so many ways... ways that I really couldn't imagine one other man being anywhere close to similar. I am not quite sure where Christ thought I was one that was ever worth Him.... but then, let alone a life with the most perfect man that this world could ever have and actually more than that, and save you for someone like me thru a friend like Stauffer of all people. Seriously, two quite the sinners led me out of disaster.... that I was far from perfect in that marriage anyway.... and He took me into HIS arms, giving me more than 2nd chances and a life after death!!! But thru my struggles searching on how to hang onto Him, He led me to fall deeply in love with you, and you only. And I swore, if you wouldn't marry me---which I swore WOULD NOT HAPPEN.... I WAS DETERMINED!!!!!--- but had you just moved on... I swear to you, if I ever ever EVER got married after that destruction.... I would be like 65 if I ever DID get married outside of your perfect self. Cause I knew you were and are my soul mate. The one, and only ONE that God truly had planned for me to marry, one way or another. And when we do go to Heaven, you'll get more than an ear full of how many thanks and praises I bored poor Jesus with over and over with about the same subject.... You & Me.... 2  are 1.... forever, thru everything and everyone.... forever, and everything He has planned!!! I love you to never ending love.... to no restrictions.... just love that is pure, thru Christ, prior our births planned.... and being conquered..... and a story to be told. This is the most important part of my life, that I will love and live forever, with you, as one.... ONE.

Please read this, than re-read this... knowing I had tears first while typing.... then as I type here, I had pure joy... even though I know I am about to be in trouble with you.... for being WAAAAY too late to bed. But I had to type these words to you. I am not sure. I don't think I am dying tonight. I just really felt this on my heart. And what is left of my brain!!!! HAHA!!

Christian Charles Siebens, Know you are my one and only.... yesterday.... today, tomorrow.... forever and after. And I look forward to every moment with you... every breath... every tear... every laugh.... every fight I win...  :)  (Just kidding.... seriously....)  One day, I want to renew our vows again... and then again.... and again..... Never stop that.... cause we never stop growing together thru Christ!!!
I am so proud of you.... who you are, what you know, what you do.... how you do it..... You just marvel me.... my brain goes round in circles trying to study the amazing man you are, and all you do in this life. You amaze me---and so many. But I am the only one who can say, this man is so wonderful, so sweet, he has such a sweet personality, and the most awesome snore at night that soothes me now to sleep!!!  :) But that man, and all of his fame, is all mine... no one else's --except our precious kiddo whom he will, one day walk down the aisle....

I love you. I thank you. But I praise Jesus for you. You'll never quite understand, but this is me.

Love always for, and in you,