My Loss in NY

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Picture of my husband and I attempting to see what was or biologically is, still my brother....

(Husband) Christian C Siebens and Me, Heather (Hetty) J Siebens (wife)

You're My Loss in NY Troy

Why do you chose these paths of life?
Living your life full of lies causing strife…
How do you cause such pain so heartless, no care
Are you aware of your actions and think God is not there?

Why do you have new stories every month thru the year?
How do you truly tell them like truth with no care and no fear?
I sure hope you do know every time I have reached  out to you
I do it for the brother I knew, not for the one that lies as you do

I have danced for you bro, fed and kept you sanely alive for years but you ran
You pulled away once again messages start about you going to be THE BIG MAN
All the times you say how much you love me most or others love you more
I have to realize a huge percentage of that is not here in this world behind any door

I have endured three brain surgeries, divorce from a wife beating abuse
Raising my own child while finding God where He blessed me with Truth
I have the calmest and kindest most sweet man anyone could find
One that you had a bit of him before, once were kinda one of his kind

But you let the stress and drugs tear you apart, allowing a silent illness for you to prevail 
None of this should have happened… not one thing you did or you would still be in jail
You pulled so much bad where you did learn some good with us but now its just turning
Your actions don’t make sense and your stories blow up with no truth or reality burning

You really don’t need me you need someone who follows the stories you make and believe
That isn’t for me nor my family at all- we’ve been hurt so much trying to help-help you receive
Receive true love and true jobs, true family; yet rejected we are-we ask you to truly Receive
Look to the sky close your eyes,give God all your issues; He’s the ONLY ONE that won’t deceive 

And now, thru all your years of psychiatric lies, you believe them all and become nothing
As your little sister that hurts, but what you do to me hurts more…I want to remain something
Heather J Siebens