It is just pure excitement-to be home. To be home with my loved ones, and feeling so well, so quick ... God is so good!! 
Do I feel perfect? NO. But to sit here, compare to prior brain surgeries that weren't as complicated-but much more painful-I CAN SURE SEE WHAT THE POWER OF AMAZING PRAYER DOES!! As my relationship with Jesus just grew tighter, closer since my second resection in 2005. And I can sit here and say, He is nothing but AMAZING, Loving, Caring, Merciful--->thru EVERYTHING! Holding my hand tight---and all my friends and family, and doctors! Made this all smooth out, so simply. Made my relationships grow with friends-- near and far-- so much closer than ever! And I am forever grateful. Grateful for every moment of suffering it took. As for that is how I met SOOOO many of my dear friends to begin with. We have to sit back and see the positives, out of what may seem like a negative---> realizing those positives WOULD NEVER HAVE OCCURRED if the hard stuff did NOT. So ALL I CAN SAY is AMEN!!
I came home to so much love from my family. Relief from my parents, that I survived. And my dear brother-- growing closer to accepting Jesus with all he has gone thru. Worth every moment of anguish if it helps any ONE person find Jesus.
Thru it all, I am finding my niche in life. I am seeing I can't sit still much longer---I need out THERE with my mouth for Christ. And I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR HIS TIME! 
Till then... I love you all, and praise God for your friendships and prayers! Know I am here to pray for you all!! And share, always my stories! He is just amazing--I am always in awe!

In His Love,

Heather  @AliveinMe

Psalm 145:5-6  I will meditate on Your majestic, glorious splendor and Your wonderful miracles. Your awe-inspiring deeds will be on EVERY tongue; I will proclaim Your greatness.


Tracey said...

You are a beautiful, touchable reflection of true joy! J -esus... O -thers...Y-ourself! JOY - may your joy be contagious and may you feel His pleasure in you today! You help me see Jesus...thanks for that! Big Hug and lotsa prayers sent your way!

JoJo Tabares said...

I'm so happy for you Hetty! Sending love and healing prayers your way!

Evening Star said...

Very happy for you Hetty! May His Love and guidance continue to help you heal and grow in His Love and understanding. :D

Shout out to Tracey above: I LIKE that (JOY = Jesus Others Yourself). I must certainly remember it. :D

WWAHHMpreneur said...

Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us all, Hetty!

Get your rest and may the Lord restore to you 7-fold what the enemy has taken (time, money, and more).

May your recovery be speedy and complete.