Heaven Gained

The Crew

My precious friend Mary is the beautiful lady in this pick....  with a few of the amazing men from her family... including the one she just lost here on earth.... yet Heaven gained. So hard to look at it all from the flesh that way. But if we get our hearts straight with Christ, as she does more often than I do... she can feel that touch from the Holy Spirit!! Just our flash as humans, as usual sinners question God-our Maker-our Father who loves us always with amazing plans... we question HIM with why's, where's what's so on.... when He really has a really amazing plan laid out thru every step of every life lived here, every life gained by Him. And My Mary knows this.
I also know it was so tough on Mary over the last few years keeping in touch with her brother-they were both dealing with their own illnesses and life struggles... but did stay in touch on the phone as much as they could. But it was very odd.... it was like God was prepping her for this the end of August-cause she called me in tears just so upset how his illness took a turn for the worst... we discussed options of going to see him. But then the day of his departure to Heaven came... and I know she had a battle in her heart over the time lapse. But she is so strong-holding all family together as the youngest she is... and bringing all together for their loss--celebrating his exit of such pain and agony. She sure knows what that is like. But is wanting to hang on as long as Jesus allows-to help more and more see His Truth thru her beautiful way of living thru HIM.
We can find comfort with knowing he is out of these darn earthly bodies-into a heavenly one--along with their parents... right their with Christ!!
She walked into his place and saw the picture up above right away-- the first one God guided her to, letting her know he is okay, loves her-and has for so long!! Fred will have her always framed in his heart!! Awaiting the day she'll be there with him-all the family one day!
Pretty amazing family she came from... many of them. Six kiddos from those two parents in love. It was very hard, she lost her mom when she was 26... and this month was her dad's 7th year of passing... and today, of all days, her brother who passed would have been 58. They are really jamming a celebration in Heaven I say!! But here it is still hard to deal with, right away.
Cancer is very ugly--multiple types is just not fair.... God knew that. I lifted him from despair! Blessed be HIS NAME--AMEN...

I love you Mary.... always... forever....eternity.... you are my hero!

Praying for all of you in your family.....

Love... friend for life...


1 Corinthians 15:55-57
Where, O death, is your victory..
Where, O death, is your sting?
The sting of death is sin, and the power of of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us victory thru our Lord Jesus Christ!

You ARE - Medium from Hetty Siebens on Vimeo.