Christmas at the Siebens 2013

Christmas at the Siebens 2013

Honey, I love you so much-but we sure have crazy years
Hard to compare them all when really we should be ready for tomorrow
Last thing I want to do is spend a great percent of my years in tears...
But with your hand Christian you help me see good and not sorrow!

Jesus has a purpose for everything
This I know is true
We live where it snows and could go skiing!
It's just getting me well enough to ever make it thru!

I believe stronger Heather is coming back in some ways as before
Yet I know New Hetty has new focuses and opinions that may shock a ton!
But Hetty is so thrilled to be with you Christian-you're her rock that makes love soar!

With all I put you thru-with pills, needles, blood, no blood
upset doctors, irate nurses, no one understanding what we face together
At times it felt out of control-so I'd pray to Our Lord-"take me out by flood!"
But then I would look into your eyes and this word strikes me for good-FOREVER!

So keep a hold of me always
NEVER let me go
Rivers are raging hard
And this state has endless snow

Without a man like YOU,
I never would have lived
You kept my chin up with things to do
Thru the good and the bad I just wanted to give!

One to learn more about
Then soon knowing US-to become ONE
Thru God I NEVER had one doubt!

We will construct this road Christian
Let's enjoy each other, go fishing
And keep ME from going BONKERS!!!

Let's keep holding each other tight
as the sun sets each night
There is so much beauty in you and I
not a thing too complicated for us to try!

I Love you endlessly Hotty Hubby Christian,

In His Love and Grip,

Hetty, your blessed wife!