Cutting Brain Income

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There is a HUGE difference between Philadelphia and Phoenix---obviously not how they sound their "f" out.... with the "ph" ....
I am one who needs doctors-and the ones that I took, for epilepsy, upon recommendation, I will not be making a ride down to his office any time soon.

I love what they can do in the medical field today--but I also love it when it at least SEEMS like they are doing it FOR YOU--and YOUR ILLNESS. Not themselves, and their homes, and cars. The man that is my doc here is very cold--very personality-LESS, and places people in the hospital without understanding, when come to find out-it is most all about him and the money he'd get for referring people for brain surgeries. He really doesn't understand that I am still getting over the 3rd brain surgery. My whole body is in pain-and on meds for that--I am praying that this severe pain will lift SOON!

I guess I was not used to the heart-less doctors... the ones that don't put their actual care into anyone's life-this is why I will continue to fly back to Phoenix to see my neurologist I've had for almost a decade, 3 brain surgeries, and thru severe overdoses after my ex beat me. I don't think one soul can replace this doc. But to be so far the other way---just heartless, was stomach sickening. I think doctors should have to pass a heart-filled test as well, and pass--not heart-less.

I know not to waste gas and go down there again. To the man pushy and thrilled to rip my head open for the 4th time.... just doesn't seem right. I will keep him excited and waiting for me to come back for the next year.... but my face will show in AZ... not there. This is where people with hearts win, in every job out there-when used right. My neuro in Phoenix has to be one of the brightest when it comes to not only the brain, but also the heart!!

I will always be traveling to AZ for all neuro care--as for not one doc out here seems sane.

Make sure the doc you see--is as amazing as the doc I see!!! They ARE out there!!