Your Years NickyBear...

Your Years Nicky
by Hetty Jensen-Siebens 2014 ©

While you were growing 
Nicky, everything looked so right
Everyone was sharing 
Amazing plans for you each night

You came out as all expected
A gift from God, so perfect, so right
Mommy & Daddy you never rejected
You were full of Jesus' Way, Truth, Light!

But not long into this amazing little life
Came an illness that all thought would clear
No one was ready for traumatic strife
Your precious Mommy steadfast in brain tumor fear

NickyBear so young, not even a year old
In PICU following removal of that tumor
Mom and Dad stayed strong, and did not fold
All of this was truly real, not any form of humor

Nicky you faced so much I cannot compare
And I prayed to take it away
But Jesus is always loving, kind and fair
That is something we hang onto today

Your big brother was your earthly rock
Helped and watched you grow
Loved playing with you up & down your block
Misses you so much, was so hard to let you go 

But your families faith is so real and secure
Which is why you dance in Heaven
Placed there to welcome others, you are so dear 
Your precious body was 4 1/2, didn't even make it to 7

But in reality your faith was so strong
Your love overflowed and fear did not show
You my friend didn't have to live very long
In order for your faith and love to grow

Nicky you are loved today
You are loved tomorrow
You are loved every day on earth

Until you send us a sign that this earth is going to end 
At that moment is some sadness but much more gladness 
Knowing we all can be near you, meet you, be a best friend
And no longer be a part of any sickening madness 

Forever healed.

We love you always thru this....and your amazing family that has touched my life....keep your eyes on them....

Much love from the Siebens!

In His Grip,
Hetty Siebens