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I keep praying. Don't you? Seems like there is just never-ending reasons for prayer, for everyone for the last few years--with this one really kickin!!!

As pretty much ALL OF YOU KNOW.... I am sure, I used to be the Twitter/Facebook addict--and I really thought that I would be up and running full force again with all those social networks-sharing the deep, amazing love of our Lord and Savior--Jesus Christ: for you all-and dear Lord, never ending for me and my family.

I have been quite silent.

Some of you may know my causes-many may not. But Jesus chooses for us to take such different paths than we ever thought, read about, looked for, and ever prayed for. Actually, my first favorite part of the Bible is all about Paul--showing over and over how to praise Him and live for Him, no matter where you are, or what you have going on--HE WILL SEE YOU THRU--as for HE HAS GOOD PLANS FOR YOU-FOR ME-FOR US ALL!!!As we all grip Jesus with love and trust--He will have these amazing days we see are all directed by HIM--then others we do wonder where He has gone?? Is He ever coming back?? But Paul from the Bible didn't have those negative attacks. On all actuality, he was able to take such harsh, drastic struggles that were hard to understand--but He knows our Lord-how amazing and true Christ is. He didn't die on the cross and raise from the dead for humor or to be caught to make star hit blockbuster movies---no. It wasn't fun for Jesus--all He died for us that was atrocious in pain. Which is why I am even talking about this verse---you will catch that is a few coming up..... but Paul was ready and alive for our Savior--no matter the suffering, pain, illness, or struggles. We all have those-finally in life-once we are done shaking our fists, doubting the Lord of Lords-or for Paul-killing people back then who DARE to believe in Him (when he was Saul). I think that with me finding Christ so late-I have been marked one to have very many-if some how this lady actually finds Christ with the way she was brought up and town she lived in. I was not one up for all this "perfect" people stuff when I was first told about it.
And now I look back at the Bible--and I am almost a duplicate of Saul who was out to rid believers of Christ from my friendships in my 20's.... then oh wait a minute--same man--was talked to directly by JESUS!!!! Who knew what he had in him. And the tears roll--as we see the wrong--he was out killing others, I was working on myself with high doses of Phenobarbital-numbing all pain in life instead of finding HIM to give all troubles to--and ask Him to lead me. Heck-he knew every hair on my body before my mother even did!
I started reading the Bible in 2003 and attending a church where I also had a Bible study. There is where I heard so much about Paul. And I heard he more than accepted the new man he was-living all for Christ. Which struck me-cause this man-with illnesses, or being chained down in prison-was the happiest soul ever. He was given a new life-that living so lively-so on fire 24/7/365-that there was no flashback of his bad past-Paul just lived every day Alive for Christ and all for His Glory-with no regrets-just amazing days to come.

So having never grown up with the Bible-I was all lit up. It was just amazing how someone could take everything I have been going thru-and combine them in THEIR LIFE. Talk about struggles and major need for prayer. But I have found a bright, sunny, positive in my suffering--I know who to give it to... and as much as humans help...they do nothing that God has in store already. So don't have just your human friends lined up to help pray online, in church, by phone, at Bible Study.

Praying for ourselves is great--so we can gain strength to pray for everyone in dire need. Having that personal relationship with our Creator---But my greatest desire is to be one person, on fire---ALL THE TIME AGAIN-no matter how much pain I am in when my husband is away on business trip. I am sure He would like less stress for all of us.....that is one beautiful reason why He has Heaven. In the end of all of this Earthly chaos-we will praise Him all the time when we reach Heaven.
No stress in Heaven--and when New Earth is fully developed-no tears for others.

The best part of the last 3 months is far from my health--must not be in Christ's plan right now...my marriage is back to feeling like the first days-not just my severe pain. My big gift from Jesus--has finally announced his trials in life--which we walked with him in much of....explaining since 2004 how Jesus has plans-if He accepts and reaches out to Him. My cool brother, even knowing we were Christ-addicts-came to us for help a couple years ago--and I can't let him go. As for he hit rock bottom recently---which threw me in a line of major depression and marital issues due to my brother being gone who helped us-and my husband gone, no matter how severe the pain-and sadness of my brother incorrectly placed in jail.

I stayed connected to my brother-in prayer. I stayed angry at my husband who tried to meet travel change needs--but just weren't enough with this severe pain-not to me anyway.

We had a couple great friends come to help-we paid the air fare. And we had couple sour ones--that were looking for the normal "Heather help" but that was not what this was for. And still, in any prayer, they didn't understand it wasn't an at Heather's home council time for her. I am one to now see clearly I am to do personal Bible study-yet posting thoughts of scripture on line when in dire pain. But when in control--to go back to the "On Fire For Christ For All to Hear and Read...." I miss those "Paul" like days..... but he is teaching me-in pain he had no bitterness--just glory for Jesus-that's where I was, that's where I am heading back. Can anyone help by making sure I keep blogging and video'ing -sharing more amazing stuff to come???
I love you all-as for God put you all in my life for so many amazing things-you all have blessed me life, and I forever thank you!!

Troy---you will never know how you have once again changed my life. Big brothers are more than big--forever huge part in my life
You are my big brother-
My child's Uncle, yet "twin"
My husbands best friend
You keep me sane....
And I love you so much-
How can I love you even more
every day? I do.
Keep praising Him-He is all we need
to get thru all this crazy stuff-
and get to just relaxing time we love.
I love you Troy. I love you Christian. I love you Jesus!!!

In severe pain-and I love you all thru it. Jesus will take care of it today.

I love you all---and know, I have for a long time-I just let pain get in my way to remind you.  So here it is again-I love you all, such gifts to me from Jesus-and I praise Him!

Keep your chin up thru tough times too....if I am gonna, Lord, He gives all who call on Him the strength to!!

Have a blessed week!!

In His Love,

Heather Siebens


Love to you from Hetty Siebens on Vimeo.