Christ in US!!

Christ in US!! 

by Hetty Siebens  ©

Christ is IN US
Christ is THRU US
Christ is FOR US
Christ has NO SIN ON US

You my dear love are an example
of how to live more like HIM
others try to rule but should sample
how to live in His light which won’t dim.

There are days that seem so atrocious 
my tiresome illnesses can fill my thoughts of endlessness
but our precious, perfect God can be ferocious
His love and grace on us HE pours to end faithlessness 

Looking forward again to our future I see
The beauty of Christ in you, Tory and me!
I see days of beauty and fun, days unwell and tough
But we serve a brilliant God who can smooth out all rough!

As we keep seeking Him so much pain will evaporate
Jesus will guide us to areas out of our “comfort zone”
But reminding His plans are to prosper, not disintegrate
We’re to keep spending MORE time with HIM, even time alone    

We are yet to live like Christ-which is to die for Him
Rid again of all our faults and built up sins
Pick up our Cross-keep marching even when dim
The road may be narrow but He will let us in!

Our love dear Christian never loses it’s flame
Our Love Christian never loses it’s purpose
Our Love Christian never loses it’s faith
We are just watched over by the ONE with The Name

His Name is Jesus, His name Emmanuel, His name our Cornerstone
His Name is Counselor, His Name Good Shepard, His Name is Savior, His Name The Rock
And Our Risen One
His Name The Alpha His Name The Omega, The Beginning and The End, 
His Name Lord of Lords, His Name The Bread of Life, Lamb of God, His name Prince of Peace, His Name THE Messiah, 
And The Holy One

You and I have magnificent descriptions of our loves beauty
ones that I could never overlook
But our God out numbers us in splendor, trust, and mighty
that is exactly why all mountains shook !

But He is still so gracious to fill our cups up with love
they runneth over so you and I as ONE could show
our love wasn’t out of no where-it truly came from Him above
As we chose to live in His light, not fight, we send His love aglow! 

Let’s continue to burn His love for all this year
Share His Word, place all on display 
For our love in sharing Christ is delightful, no fear
Let’s be excited, never scared of what people say!

I love you Christian, you are my earthly rock
I truly thank Christ daily for your precious love
Let’s you and me go tell the town- see them shocked
At how you and I are excited for what is ABOVE!

I love you precious one… forever and eternity!!!

MERRY CHRISTmas baby!!  2014 by Hetty J Siebens ©