True Blessings

True Blessings

 Thru every tragic moment
 there must be a blissful end.
 Hanging onto Christ and each other
 is the only way to mend. 

 I reach for you all chaotic days
 not every day do I get your touch.
 I trust in God, His truth in us-
 That you’re about to bless me so much.

 Your touch from your sweet loving hands
 makes my body shiver in delight.
 Knowing that our love is strong
 makes me allow no room to fight.

 You are my everything thru ups and downs
 You are my bright light in every moment of dim
 When focused on our precious love for Christ;
 I KNOW we've achieved ALL true blessings from HIM.

Thru all of this, I DO LOVE YOU Christian C Siebens
Hetty Siebens


Differences to Love

We all have dreams, goals, desires. But we all have to put into perspective- HE is the ONE with OUR plans. So as we may pray earnestly for one particular need, want, desire-- they just may not be in God's deck of cards, so to say, for us. No... those plans of ours aren't in there-because HIS plans out-number the stars He made, for us!! No matter what we pray for-it just might not be HIS way to get us to where He wants us-walking tightly side by side.
My husband and I have the hardest time finding a common between us- in order to share extra time we have, together. It has gotten tougher over the years due to my illnesses making anything mobile to athletic usually out of our deck of cards. I was however blessed with a new talent- when they removed the larger portion of my left, dominant side of my brain-it was enough to make my right side... the artistic side come alive. The side that was never able to paint a thing before now does multiple crafts, and I just love it!! Downside to that- that is not my husbands gift. All his desires are much more physical in motion-and my body has just been thru so much, it is still in healing mode from being in utter pain for over two tragic years.
I am a drama movie person, if I am ever really up to watching a movie. He loves TV. I personally cannot stand it at all. Haven't truly watched TV since my first marriage back in 96'. That was the end of any desire to watch television. I had never sat to view TV with anyone as extremely ADHD as my ex. He couldn't even get his attention off the Windex commercial- just enthralled!! So since then, TV has been out of my life. It is just a burn of the brain anyway-and I don't have as much as the normal person anyway.
I personally love music. I know all the words-I know the song that is coming on from the first two beats. I guess perhaps it comes from my brain issues- you can still gain blessings from complications. But music means so much to my heart, mind, soul. But my hubby really only began to like music today as an adult when we got together. And he still is one who hears the tune, but doesn't often listen to the lyrics. So to him, it's all just cool beats. Where to me the songs mean something deep.
My life as a young child thru teen years was being a gymnast. And a competitive one at that. One that would stick it hard on the balance beam, no matter how bad my ankle hurt. One thrilled for vault, even though I had just had an absence seizure. Those NEVER got in my way then. But with pregnancy later in life-my seizures changed. And I no longer had that aura/warning to stop whatever I was doing to be safe during the seizure spell to come. Now they usually just hit me. That is what makes many things a bit more complicated-not counting the fact my body feels like it's 135 today, not 35.
But I will say this... we have a couple really rad commons we just always have to focus keeping our hearts in and eyes on-- and that is our awesome faith in Christ-which brought this amazing marriage together. Who blessed us with our special child-who is an amazing gift from Christ. All three of us love our Lord with all our hearts, minds, souls, strengths. And if we let that slip, for too much TV or art- than we will begin to slip at everything... including the reason for each other as ONE thru Him!!
I am one very blessed soul-even thru loss of many gifts I had, things I used to love to do but can't since this last brain surgery or how medication can make me feel. But I can kiss my baby girl goodnight-remembering our lifetime history and lifetime future to come. I am able to remember to kissy  my husband goodnight, even if he has already totally conked out. Watch him come in from running, pouring down sweat-and able to show him what I painted while he was out doing something my body just can't do anymore. Not now at least. I enjoy painting things for him. It makes my heart feel so warm and loving. I always pray he feels the same receiving.
So we may have many differences. I may Facebook msg him a billion times more-but he is getting back to it. I may make a ton of things for him-Lord, he may be sick of it all-but he is sweet enough to rave on about it. I may not be athletic-past gymnast anymore; now just dealing with pain of osteoporosis-even being 9 yrs younger than him. But our love is the most amazing common Jesus blessed us with. One that on my side will never cease- no matter what our differences may be. I always pray he feels the same. Even with sick cause me. He has such loving patience. I pray he is always filled with amazing love... that is the best common we could be blessed with.
I love you dear Christian... thru all differences.

In His Grip,