Know Love

Don't we all seem to have specific types we "hang" with?? Types we always seen perfect to connect to. Such as my hubby for me. We seem to balance each other out... One is loud mouth, other more introverted. One seems very very loving-the other seems to be a cat, on their terms. One is sorry about whatever right away-the other needs space to get all straight with Jesus. But that one doesn't require "I'm sorries" as where the other does along with praises. So we even out pretty darn well.
But those are opposites.... Ever been a friend with someone where all you do is butt heads?? Argue?? Can't ever see eye to eye?? Yet you cannot seem to humble yourself for this particular person??... No matter how many times you dive into James and read where we are to watch our tongues..? I can with particular personalities... But with others.... I am just waiting for them to light up as "incorrect!!"
I am not saying I am some evil doer... not that I am often one "excited" to place someone in there right place. But I am just being truthful--that I am human-and am not perfect like Jesus. My heart tries to be in the right place, but fails.
But the most amazing part of life-is Jesus still loves me and accepts me, with all my faults. And He blessed me with a husband who is so much the same in that category. I have struggled, and do struggle with illnesses, so when he is out of town for business-my more dark side comes out, trying to deal with everything without him. Then it becomes a harsh circle round of me asking him if he really enjoys leaving at my bodies weakest point--as if he really knows that. But the devil plays with our minds, having us feel like we need to blame our loved ones for complications in our lives. That isn't the case--Christ has us together for one reason or another-or many. It isn't His plan to have us point at one another or assuming the worst of situations due to our own complications. Most of the time He allows complications to enter our lives to help strengthen us-help us hold onto Him, and love our loved ones for all they do thru it all-recognize it all and not just the parts we feel are missing. Jesus will help us stand thru it all-no matter how much pain we may be in. His love will help south that until our loved ones, who do everything they can in this world for us-are able to return and be the Godly spouse/loved one He has blessed us with-for so many reasons.
Plus, turn all these actions around FOR your loved ones.
My husband has helped me thru so much. And even on the tough brink of it all-during "why God's" or just my hubby having to be out of town at brutal health times-I can look back at all his love given during it all. What I took for granted. I can see him rushing home out of worried love for me-for us...and see his handsome, caring, loving face-rushing into the house several days early out of his extreme love and care for me. And I am just now seeing this, thru my eyes, yes-but more so thru my heart. And just makes me want to give that love back, and more.
Health issues are never fun for the patient. But I could never imagine being the beloved spouse-hanging on thru it all with I am sure-many questions to Christ. So, with all you all go thru-never forget to try to view yourself from your beloeved's eyes. A very tough road as well--as for they don't even know the feelings we get from any of our illnesses. All has to be imagined and prayed for.
And I love Christian Siebens for every prayer, hug, kiss, care, rush, comfort-all his love he gives every day- well, or unwell. He is a very unique human being--but one Christ blessed me with for so many reasons!! I am so grateful!!

God bless you all!!! Know you are loved!!

In His Love,


Titus 3:5 He saved us, not because of the good things we did, but because of His mercy. He washed away our sins and gave us new life through the Holy Spirit.