A True New Life


Why Montana soooo many ask???!!!! There are a couple reasons.....
1)When I was a little kid and lived in Steamboat Springs CO we vacationed in Big Sky
2)There was this beautiful movie that reminded me of one of my pastors daughters (still alive) fighting cancer-but Heaven to her she would say was Montana-had wide open spaces-beautiful lakes and mountains. And here we have it!!!!

My husband is kinda in his own heaven because this town is a lot like where he grew up a few states over....MN! I grew up in AZ and snooty big cities or slow southern living. You just wouldn't think I was the one who not only chose the state, cold weather AGAIN, small town, sweet log house--and I never even watched Little House on the Prairie.

What makes me happy is how thrilled my hubby is. That completes me. We are in some perfect sync. Joy we both do have or will both have. After all 3 brain surgeries all he has been is my rock-has taken care of me left, right, forward, backward. Strokes the the same- suicide, right there. He is LOVE. And never gives up and we know how to find each other and love.

 What makes this so difficult is I can't quite enjoy with him or as much as him right now as for higher altitude in many seizure patients is difficult as for it makes it very difficult to breathe, sleep, causes auras, seizures etc....

I am also a very delay EVERY TIME we move with my emotions. Otherwise you would not believe I had ANY!!! Delayed emotion me finally cries from everyone I hugged goodbye in Phoenix NOW...days ago. Make sense??? No...but yes... My poor hubby has to work, unpack and comfort all at the same time. Drama me. He probably wants to get me a 4th brain surgery-one that will "quiet me down. 😉 He is my hero. But I definitely wasn't a laid out plan for him. He is an angel.

So to see how happy he is in this home, makes me feel like I am in heaven...I cannot wait to breath---then decorate---then see all of this town with him...which by the way is basically Bozeman, MT.

Cannot wait to meet some people out there. this place does seem very kind!!!

I am so tired, to all I forgot to say, apologies-I'm exhausted !!!

Much love in HIM!!!


I love the two of you so much
My angel Tory to the left
hubby Christian in the middle
Me Hetty to the right