God's Hands

Everything is in GOD'S HANDS!!! 
With that I am blessed! There are so many that think EVERYTHING is in their OWN hands. When He has had plans for us--laid out-back when we were in our mother's womb... back when HE WAS THE ONE WHO KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT US!! Every hair on our body!! We ARE HIS CHILDREN!!
But yet so much of this is thrown aside. Gets thrown aside during work when all gets busy-- focus is on making the next sale, or making the right decision, creating what the boss wants- yet time is so intense here--so fast--that we all forget to take the time to sit back to whom already has the answers!! Our creator- Jesus Christ!! Pray to Him, anywhere, anytime!! His answers don't always come ASAP-- as for that is His point. His time is the RIGHT time!! But the answers that are perfect-- WILL UNFOLD. And you will have nothing then to worry about! But still, we all have a tendency to forget- and move forward- FAST- on our own!
Health... we all can get out of control. Looking first for the RIGHT doctor on our own. Then when answers come back not good... we are upset.. many bitter. We close up and get angry, or depressed and secluded. Instead of knowing- Jesus WILL work thru it WITH AN AMAZING PLAN-- IN HIS TIMING- ALL FOR HIS GLORY!! This I learned face to face.. and finally learned to give it ALL to Him!!! And it turned out to work absolute wonders-as I reached to Him-and prayed and helped OTHERS--as I gave all mine already to Him to handle- in HIS TIME! And this gave me more gentle, loving, kind use of my heart for others!!! Knowing we all have "something" and not one issue is harder than another-- just different!!! 
There are so many souls that will bring you up-- out of the blue and recognize verbally, out of no where-how they see you working your strife in life-all for His Glory!! They see your pain and suffering-but not because you complain.. just prayers others have had-- blogs they have read-and then see you not complaining-but helping others and praising Jesus!! If you ever want to meet a true soul on twitter and facebook who will acknowledge this-with a heart you just aren't used to too often-- then WOW- connect with dear @Garfug ... his words are inspiring and have touched my heart for life- in regards to all of this. He sure knows how Jesus works!
Love you all-- Jesus has plans for you!! Even thru storms He loves you BIG TIME- as HE HOLDS YOU TIGHT- with awesome plans to follow!!
I am here for you for prayer! Blessings to all!!
In His Love,
Heather @AliveinMe   http://www.facebook.com/AliveinMe (Hetty Jeanette Jensen-Siebens)
1 Peter 1:7 These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. 

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Dionna said...

I love how you create pictures to go with the theme of your blog posts. :)