Family is so Beautiful

Family is so Beautiful
Poem by Heather/Hetty Siebens
December 2, 2015

Again here comes this Christmas Day
If only it snowed and we could go play
But in Florida that is just not how it goes
Instead we play in the sand with our toes

So this Christmas is a little different dear
But with you around there is nothing but cheer
We will trim the tree in my crazy fashion
I hope this year no one cranky is lashing!

You and Tory bring out all my good
I never thought that one person could
I felt locked up in that crazy monkey cage
And one day I'd bust out in such a violent rage

But the gift of you two was never a trick or a hoax
I'd love to explain the beauty of you two to some folks
Not all will understand the beauty we live
Not all will understand how much we love to give

Let's go to our bulging beach and watch the sun set
Knowing Christ is coming, but He isn't quite here yet
Hold each others hands and pray my health lightens up
He is in control, my Lord, as He handed me His cup

We've been blessed for so many years
I'm so sorry I shed so many tears
Cause together we are one amazing team
At least to me that is how it all does seem

You are a gift straight from Christ Above Us
Not really do I have much room to fuss
You are so perfect Christian, so Devine
Most amazing part is I can claim you as mine!

Thank you for putting up with me
There are not many people that still would be
You have a heart that is bigger than this earth
The only other one like that is to whom I gave birth

My family is so beautiful, my family is a gift
Everyone so positive they will do nothing but lift
Lift your mind, soul, and body from all heartaches
And show their love is real, so far from being fake

I thank you Jesus everyday for these precious souls
Without You and my family, Jesus, I'd never watch Tory grow
When the sun comes up we thank You for another day
When the sun goes down we praise You, we made it thru ok!

I love you all with all my heart and need you by my side
Not one part of me doesn't thank you for joining on my ride
Together we all will make it thru this little thing called living
We all have such loving hearts that are thrilled to be giving


December Birthday Month Dear Jesus

December 15, 1976 - little birth of little ol me! Petoskey, MI

December Month Dear Jesus....
By Hetty/Heather Siebens

How bout you- 
let me able to use my back and walk
How bout you-
give me strength to be willing to talk
How bout you-
get my meds right and calm my body down
How bout you-
give me desire and strength to shop our little town
How bout you-
make all appointments made before my birthday
How bout you-
have me well to decorate, not just be in the way
How bout you-
keep my faith brightly shining thru all chaotic times
How bout you-
make sure I don't freak in pain waiting in the lines
How bout you-
my birthday month, bless me with my prayers
How bout you-
my birthday month, you're way more Christ's to be fair
How bout you- 
understand , my birthday month, you brought us so much joy
How bout you-
December, this month is for Jesus not just all these toys
How bout you-
dear birthday month, remind me each and every day
How bout you-
sweet December birthday month, remind me to pray
How bout you-
awesome December, realize what you've done for us
How bout you-
lively December just know I will try not to fus
How bout you-
darling December realize who used you to come and save our lives
How bout you-
precious December realize our Lord doesn't cut our promised ties
How bout you- 
December realize you've brought me so much glee
How bout you- 
December, I just know you and I were meant to be! 

I love you sweet Jesus, thank You for December, YOUR birth, and thank You for mine in that month too!!!! December, a wonderful month!! Amen!

Hetty/Heather Siebens @AliveinMe