Out of Control trying to Come to Control


This is the man, the doc, the neurologist at Mayo Hospital in Phoenix AZ....HE is an Epileptologist, Professor at Mayo, high ranked not just by me, but so many others. He is a son of 6, Husband, father to one beautiful daughter. He also loves to ride very nice motorcycles, and has an array quite a few. He is a very deeply caring doctor... Never wants to throw the towel in, no matter how complicated neurology is. Yet he is so loving and compassionate and fights for your rights. Not many neuros in this works like that. In fact they strain to take your drivers license away more than fight for you to have one. He is all about your quality of life being positive, or your seizure will go out of whack, and more.

I've been his patient since February 20, 2002 at 2:00 pm. Man when I first saw him, he looked rough like I had a lot to answer or have him to set me straight. No. He is very funny and as many on the 5th floor have named him, a teddy bear, very gentle and caring to all. 

I have been living this neck, head, forehead, eyes, nose bridridge, ears all killing me pain, off and on for months- it just exceeded worse today and even my eyesight is off- and I went to the ER here in FL to hopefully alleviate pain. It wasn't going far, nor were my calls to this neuro at the Mayo here in FL. Out of the blue, While crying in pain at the Mayo  here I just think is in la la land here in Jacksonville, FL....I got a call from my lifetime neurologist at the Mayo in Phoenix. Says if I can clear my schedule he'll set up all tests to figure out what to do. Cause I can't go on like this. I'm sure trying, miserably failing. 

I truly thank God for placing Drazkowski in my life. I wouldn't be alive today had he not been. He was a pusher for me in my over dosing days, after my ex beat me, to keep seeking God. He kept me proud I did. There just aren't many like this out there. His poor voice crackled to my tears.... We go so far back like we are blood related, uncle and niece....and he fears losing me. He has a heart no neurologist has- zero. And should have every award under the moon. My life is only sane and grounded and livable thru Draz. I sure thank Jesus for him in every life he is part of. He changes lives and health for the good, never to give up. These are the moments I can hold onto hope still..... I am blessed.

Bless you all...

From my journey to yours!

Heather/Hetty Siebens 


    To God Be The Glory Honor Praise!

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