My Precious Angel

My Precious Angel- Tory 

My daughter- a very special gift from God. One that was going to learn quickly and deeply about Jesus as I started to go to church when she was two. She soaked that up and shared all she knew with everyone she'd be with. "Did you know that Jesus died on the Cross for you?" It was beautiful... yet I hadn't accepted Him yet, so I was a bit mortified!! She has breezed thru all my illnesses and medical complications knowing God has a major purpose for me-one big one is being her mommy! And I am so grateful she views that. And is thrilled to tell kids what my brain has gone thru! My amazing girl just keeps growing-now has her own horses. Responsibility. Awesome child of God.
Blessed Christian and I forever.
I cannot express how much I love this angel -my precious daughter from Jesus to me! For all her amazing parts and pieces- I give God all the Glory, Honor and praise... for she has had a heart for comforting others way before any normal creature. She missed her mommy, me, whom was in the hospital for a week for my 1st brain surgery in 2002 when she was barely over 1... I was in SO MUCH PAIN.... but somehow, this princess knew not to hug hard-as she ran toward me to hug me, she halted, rested her left hand on my right leg, as she look up high to my wrapped head and swollen face and black/red swollen eye-she paused then just gently and slowly wrapped her arms around my legs to show her how much love she has for me-and I swear, even before she and I had started to go to church, that God was in her and she had some sort of 1 year old prayer going on... Tory Moriah Siebens is a very special gift to me, that I never could thank Jesus enough for... This picture is from her and I just yapping at each other from last night, about so many subjects. We've been thru so much together- and she and I are worth every trial... Hug your kiddos, they are the best gift and blessing God can give an awesome married couple. We are so blessed.... I am so grateful-- that He chose who would be the not only perfect husband,Christian C Siebens for me, but that Christian would be Tory’s perfect daddy at a young age- young enough to only see him as daddy, young enough to not realize that her biological beat me while she slept soundly in her room the first night we were in our apartment in Killeen, TX. Last time we were all together ever as a family. She never saw my ex as dad- he was gone figuring out his life most of the time. So his beating me, my pill popping then search for Christ was the most amazing intervene with zero regrets. She has a real family. We can throw humor out about the biological here and there- but mostly, he just has dissipated on his own choice. Which was good for her seizures that went away, self esteem, schooling. She is my Tory.
She has bloomed so much past all my brain surgeries and screw and plate removals, hospitalizations, etc. She is one strong, loving, caring baby girl thru it all. She has a very tender heart. I wouldn’t change anything in the world that ever began all my seizures going nuts- cause if I did, I wouldn’t be blessed with her.

I have major down days- hit with pain in the head and neck I’ll never be able to explain but horrendous … but she gets it all. And still is so gentle and loving with me, yet has such a blast with her friends. Understands my limits, never throws a fit. Yet we also have her perfect dad, my husband who has been here thru everything and there for everything. She IS his kid. His teen. Some days thru my sick days I get so jealous. But others I just thank God for the perfect match- I couldn’t imagine life any different. They are my one in all!

I truly thank God for my angel…. we’ve been thru so much, her watching me convulse for hours so young, divorce she didn’t get, brain surgeries 1,2,3… moving so many times due to my health. She is yet such a bubbly daughter I thank Jesus for. Most would throw tempers… she just throws love. I don’t know what else to do but praise You Jesus. She is a work of art from YOU for Christian and I. Thank YOU!

You are endlessly loved Tory, even as you grow. Your maturity amazes me. Your heart reminds me so much of this one person I know really well. You are my angel, yesterday, today, forever.

I love you Tory….

Your Mommy,


Hetty/Heather Siebens
To God be the Glory Honor Praise!!!

You and I Won Baby Girl from Hetty Siebens on Vimeo.

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