Dear Joseph

This was what my heart had me write for this very special friend to me... and so many others. He takes on trials in life so much more eloquently than he will ever give himself credit for. So I had about 15 minutes for my heart and mind to write what God was guiding me to say... reason it came out good is for HIS glory, and here, Joseph- His dear son, that just needed to hear his blessings he pours out to all others... and for this friend, I am eternally grateful to Jesus for having our social cyberspace cross paths and connect. Connect and learned so much about what each other has endured, is enduring- found out that LoveGrows! :) From the man of LearningGrows-they both do! But we have to have the amazing heart Joseph Gier has in order for our minds to open up to LearningGrows!! He is a live, proven fact.

Bless you Joseph... I pray you like that package of crazy Heather stuff.... but most of all I pray you were touched by this poem... Much love to an amazing brother of mine for life!  :)  And I willingly chose that... which moves my life positively!

Dear Joseph~
October25th, 2013-eternal  :)

Roads we have chosen are never always perfect.
Some seem so long and endless, others fast and fearless.
Some flat tires come along on our journeys more than once.
Yet at some times we roll our cars just simply heading out to lunch.

Some of us always have a full deck of the perfect cards to win
Others seem like God's against them-we always have to give in
But giving in isn't a criminal act, or any type of wrong doing
As long as we "GIVE IN TO THE RIGHT SOUL" which ends up such a blessing

Cause giving "into" Jesus, is just giving Him our "mess…"
He loves us tons-to take our "hands" and have us suffer less
He needs our hearts and our hope to form His amazing plans
Plans He's had forever for us-plans to prosper not to harm-to take us by our hand

To watch over us at all times, and never take a break
His love and plans are so intense that many think He's fake
But He just wants you to give your heart a shot for His love
As for He's the only God who has room for us in His mansion up above

But it is a mansion for those who have hearts and those who also have tears
Those who stumble and sin and go thru trials that feel like never-ending years
But as our faith grows during the times of our walk-struggles seem less tough
Because Jesus has it all on His back, fighting off the Devil who thinks he is so buff

But I know your heart dear Joseph, it is one very unique from our Creator
You may think your heart is mean and life that is tough now just gets worse later
But just grab onto Christ and a little bit of faith to grow
And you will be amazed where in life He has you go!

To close I just must tell you, I have never felt so blessed
Your kindness in life makes my heart grow outside of my chest
You are one to always want to help and make other people smile
Knowing you thru Christ keeps my faith high, and lessens all tough trials.

Thank you Joseph for being my friend
and sharing you troubles with me
With faith in Christ this package I send
As you trust and set your heart free!!

Many blessings, prayers… and always laughter!!
In His Love,

Heather J Siebens

From my precious family to you... and yours! 


Joseph Gier said...

You are amazing woman, an amazing friend , and amazing sister ... I am touched and honored by you and so happy to be a part of your family blood or not.

Joseph Gier said...

I saw the repost of this and I am so completely humbled and proud to be your friend and part of your extended family. The kindness and the love you, Christian and Tory; have shown me over whelming.
thank you, Dear and wonder friend...dear and wonderful family.