Gifts From Jesus

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It is so amazing... instantly finding and jumping into our gifts God has had in store for us. That part is a hoot!! What is sometimes mind boggling are the gifts we are never prepared for-and never personally seek out, that just come upon us slowly in life-but then BANG one day it hits you like a truck full of led.
Gifts we get as children (not those to un-wrap) we are thrilled about, usually. We look forward to each day we are able to use our gift. My personal one that I adored was gymnastics. A way to thrillingly use time as a child until exhausted, tumbling, flipping all over. My mother was so nervous. I never had a nerve in my body. I had epilepsy my whole life. She knew she had to let me do what I wanted to do. I was so blessed as for Jesus always made sure I would have an aura-long enough to get down off of the event to let the seizure pass... then I'd hop right back up.
I also know I was very blessed with interaction with people. The way I would listen, give advice, comfort. But that grew to be an even larger gift as an adult after I found Jesus. So I knew how to truly advise and direct thru and to Jesus thru all troubles of life. After having gone thru so much in life, He made me a very easy one to talk to-there isn't much you can say that will frighten or shock me-nothing that can change my look-out on how all of us can change and look to Him to be more than OK--to be free of all our worries and troubles.
I was blessed to be able to be very vocal-whether in front of 2 or 2 million nothing changes my personality and desire to speak about the things in which I believe in speaking about. I do know there are definitely different gifts among the church--we did a study on that and they would have you give your imput and they'd come back with where you belong. I am the people person. I sure realized looking at those and living my pre-Jesus and denying Him life-that my ex husband should have had the mechanical-back of the church gift. He was not one to speak out loud and get confused ones like me to listen to the ways he would explain it-and be thrilled to go figure it out. No-it made me mad how he explained it. So--if it is uncomfortable.... that is an area that one needs to work on in simple ways to get people to come to church, and not give right away low downs or condemnations. Otherwise-he has a great brain, and I know deep down he could have done a lot more... and still hope he does today. Plus was my first time ever hearing about it-so being so straight forward with me was hard to sink in with out me like Heather does-come back with avenges!!
It is amazing all we can do on line today!! How much we can reach others who know Jesus and worship with them. Connect with those who don't know Him, and love them always... and be open with our love of our Lord. We can share the music we love. Bible verses we adore. I love to share jewelry and recently paintings I have been able to make. Those are gifts that just shockingly hit me-and I along praise God. I am still in awe how I can barely draw stick figures one day-another I attempt to paint--and because of that 3rd brain surgery Jesus got me thru--He gifted me with several artsy gifts to get my mind off the pain I had been suffering. Praise Him....
So, finally out of the over 3 year in pain distress... and 13 years of continual seizures aborted--we are finally looking into going to Africa on a missions trip. Something my heart has wanted to do for so long-but I was always too sick. So we will see!!
Otherwise... looking forward to setting up a website for my art--to get things rolling!!
So what gifts has Jesus blessed you with--
You are ALL my gifts with smiles!!!
Much love...

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