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I caught myself so many times, doing what Jesus is to do. Helping people down the paths He has in store for us. Our catch is, when are we going to fix our eyes, truly on Him-so He can start to unwind those plans? Plans of good, not evil!! I have several close people in my life that are really going thru "stuff" that I have personally tried so hard to help. I went thru some major stuff on my own, and thru Jesus-finding and accepting Him my life was spared!! So I just always feel it should be easier for one with this tragic story of mine of almost losing my life, by taking it-but saved by the Grace of God-as I called out for Christ thru my heart and soul. It just isn't that simple. Actually, if God made things simple, maybe I would have been raised Christian and understood all these trials etc-and not flipped out. No, even easier, before Adam and Eve's apple incident-where everything was just perfect. Imagine that!!? But when I think of that, how would we live learn and grow deeply in love with Christ the way we do when hit by trains of trials? He would just have us already programmed that way before the Adam and Eve incident. I just know-when I shake my attitude and questioning God and get back to His deep love and reason for allowing hard times in our lives to occur for many purposes-even outside of us completely. And when I bring myself back to understanding that again... I am back to Worshipping the reason I still breathe air today-Jesus!
It is very very tough to see a family member struggle so hard-not realizing what he is missing and how simple it truly is in the start--well to restart life, to get it on track. Accepting Christ truly from your heart, soul, mind, body-giving yourself to Him is a must in order to really find what you've been searching so badly for and just cannot find. He has been with us all from before we were born-and held us safe thru so much we should have drowned in. Did we ever see it in before Christ days-not then. But when you look back after you are in a true relationship with Him, you see His footprints all over since you were-well before born!! But there comes a time He just allows more in life to happen-makes us feel like this has to be the end of the world. But it is really a gift of tougher times to hopefully help one to finally fall to there knees and get it--WE NEED HIM!! If my family member got this-life would feel so amazing for them, and me-cause I would know he is ok, every day. But he is really having some wrestling with the devil days and nights that have caused so much friction in family, friends, acquaintances etc.
I pray for those wrestling with God--the halfway there match. It's hard when we, as Christ followers learned a hard way and know the right and only way-but watch people go thru similar issues wrestling, wasting precious time with Jesus as I did. But I retell myself to pray for them, and know God has HIS perfect timing... this I know as for I am breathing, married, and my kiddo is so happy and healthy.
We all have different roads we follow in order to find Jesus. Just going to a church doesn't do it. I went to a very well known one ( I didn't even know it was well known then) Saddleback, with Rick Warren. But because Christ was thrown in my face- I went there and all I saw were "perfect people" ... and I knew I was not. Once you find Jesus and enter that church-it is a whole new outlook-warm, worship, fellowship and amazing sermons!! His timing....
So hold onto your prayers for your loved ones too... or if you don't know all about this Jesus stuff and ever want to talk--message me on Facebook! Praying for you all-- Blessed by each of you!

In His Love,

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Heather Siebens said...

Bless you sweet one!!! Trying to get my blogs back in action... today's was better thanks to my precious Tory!! I've just been on painting spree!!!! But it is also a true blessing!! Sure thank Jesus for you girl!! Can't wait to see you!!!!