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"My Inspiration here"

That's my baby girl of 12 years up there.... 6 of them financially on our own. But her "dad" today-the only one she ever saw as dad-has been in her life since she was 1 1/2... and has taken on so much of her, due to my severe illnesses over the last few years. They have truly bonded-we are all so blessed. And she is legally allowed to be his-has been that way since 2009-never heard another peep. So we will move forward on that.
Off that subject... isn't it amazing though the talents God does give us? When I was young I was a full time, mega pusher gymnast. No fear ever in me. Then or now. Now my kiddo is a remarkable story of trust. My baby girl never wanted to skate, ride bikes, pogo sticks, swim, gymnastics, soccer, so on and so on.... still doesn't--except she swims a bit more. Her trust was not, and is not ready for that stuff. And I don't blame her after all she has been thru. She has seen me seize big time, too many times. Hospitalized at least twice a year. Three brain surgeries and several others if I named them this blog would go on and on to explain. Point is, she is very trusting of God and how He takes great care of me, so I could always come back and take good care of her. She always clung hard to me, partially because the ex was very aggressive, partially because she feared me going again. I think deep in her soul-she -SHE didn't fear those things to do as I said above-I think she feared if ANYTHING could happen, that MY feelings would be as sad when she would be hurt, in the hospital like mommy-and she never wanted to do that to me. That is her heart. Biggest heart I know of aside of Jesus.
So why horses? I believe it is God's animal of trust. Team work, like she and her Mommy-out expressing life cantering and leaping in the freedom they get-trusting each other, trusting God-showing mommy what  an amazing kid she has brought up. And I am so proud.
The talents and gifts God gives us are just amazing. I love hers-cause she has loved horses since a tiny toddler --knowing deep in her heart this was going to be her life. My kid knows everything about every type of horse. Blows my brain away!! I am just one very proud mom that she has found her way to "fly!!" To reach that part of the heart God created for us to keep feeling these amazing feelings--and keep reaching for more--never just stop at one. He is full of amazing plans that will take your gift to higher levels--excelling your current gift, and adding on more!! Our God is One Amazing God... and I am truly amazed He ever chose me for the ride as the mom of such a very sweet soul-with such sweet gifts from the heart.
I love you Tory... never lose that gift in your heart! Your love surpasses all the 12 yr old's I've met. You are one special angel.... I am just very blessed!!!
Keep reaching for your gifts, your talents God has in store for you!!! Most amazing moments can come from a simple accomplishment using it. Such as today... Tory got 3 ribbons... all first place! She showed us how she has excelled-and we are so proud!! Always have been-alway will be!!

Blessings to you all!!! Go snatch your gift--your talents--no, just go start them--you have them already!!

In His Grip,



Accomplishments in God's Beauty-Medium from Hetty Siebens on Vimeo.


JimR said...

Blessings to Troy, a lovely little lady with the best parents a kid could wish for! I am so glad that Troy likes horses! Horses and dogs top my list of friends in the animal kingdom, maybe because I have never had a dolphin...yet! :)

For years in my youth, I rented a Morgan cutter for a relaxing ride on weekends, and was saddened to realize I had to leave him some day, as I did not own him. But, I learned a lesson: Take any love you can find, as long as it is a good kind. Nowadays, I am reborn, and amend that to "Take any love you can find, as long as it is of God."

Your great parents will teach you much, by words and more by example, and a great foundation of God's love will hold you up when all else doesn't!

Blessings upon you, Troy, in your very favored life with your loving parents!

Heather Siebens said...

Love you both so much-thank God for you!!! Friends, brothers and sisters for life!!!! AMEN!!!