Savin' Me

His Savin' me wasn't just luck
Wasn't His choice thru the muck
His plans were brilliant, blazing on fire
On fire for Him thru disastrous mire

He was always there the days I didn't believe
Believe of a heaven or Him took long to achieve
I denied Him for selfish reasons, that all pertained to me
His heaven I'd mock was not like mine that I'd rather see

My heaven then, so determined I'd say
Consisted of packed freeways, backed up all day
My "place" had beaches, radio and smog
Not then did I see The Truth, living in my own fog

Many tragedies shook me hard and emotionally deep
But I didn't know my God would chose me one to keep
I rolled my tiny car three times back in 99'
Doing all the wrong but I stepped out just fine

Thanked "whoever" was out there for my catastrophe
I gathered my love for California, drove to the blue sea
Still in my heart was selfishness, against to better things
Against the good, for the odds, the odds lovers would bring

But thru the years that followed
I was hit hard and just wallowed
In self pity and remorse
My ex held me down in force

He just shook and quivered
Knowing the pain to be delivered
His heart turned colder; shutting our kids feelings out
Then one fist to another, he beat me til' I'd shout

That day began the change of me
Confused, overdosing, I bent on my knees
Pleading to who I heard about a long time ago
To love and accept my failures so that I could show

Show how amazing life can be
Living thru tough times able to see
The amazing work He has done all my blessed life
Guiding me not to pop more pills, or ever use a knife

Showed me which road was the only and the best
If troubled times came, turn to Him for some rest
He would take my tragic times that were deep in my soul
He'd take it on with trust and love, with True Heaven my true goal

He changed my life completely, answered so many deep prayers
My Lord is with me always full of love, fighting Satan with all dares
My child praised Him very young, while I was still seeking His love
He placed my angel in my life for love and to seek Him up Above

My light is flaming Lord,
Flaming just for You
My life is flaming dear Jesus
Not one could take me from You

Praise you today!
Praise you tomorrow!
Praise you still thru any sorrow!

You're full of faithfulness, love and peace
Again I will repeat...
You're full of faithfulness, love and amazing peace
A love so alive and patient, a love that will not cease

So I close with You to say
You never leave me astray
Hard times aren't in Your plans
Your filled with Your Will; not with mans

Thank You for fighting for me too
As many in this life often won't do
Holding me close, hugging me tight
You never let me out of Your sight

Thank you Jesus....

Heather Siebens, 2012

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Mare said...

I Thank Yah for you & having our paths cross & stay together!! I am also so grateful that yoy are writing poems again!! Such A Miricle for His Glory you are! And what A Miricle you forever are to me!!! Gods Blessing & My Love Always! <3

Heather Siebens said...

Mary... Your words are so perfect, thank you girl....love you always.... Hetty

FlyingChristian said...

God chose you to be His own. He let you struggle because He knows you are stubborn and needed time to realize He is your strength. I stand in awe as I have witnessed your transformation through Him. I know times are difficult and you have not had the easy path. But by His grace and your faith you are walking thru the storms and seeing His glory within the storms. It is a beautiful sight and I am proud of the woman you are and the woman you are becoming...Never lose your focus on Him. He provides the way..for you, for us, for our family. Love you.