My Love Letter

You're still here precious
Even when I may distress 
Everything in my life
Both amazing or full of strife

You're still my rock, still my soul
When I'm negative and letting go...
Letting go of all my good...
Turning around when I know I should...

I should reach out my arms and cry to you
Tell you my feelings, not just the few I do
I chase after God with you in my heart
How can one let it get so far?

Strife will never go far
Never flee away from doubt
Strife will never go far
With the love I couldn't live without
It Will Never Go Far

You are my love
You fill me full of it
You are my love, MY love
Never will we quit

You though dear, see my good and bad
My negative in life I never knew I had
You see my soul inside, in love with my light and dark
You see thru it all, forgiving without giving it a mark

I can be most happy, sad, or even just loss of zest
Hard times made life edgy, attacking much of my best
The best husband in my life who never thinks to resign
You always say "we will over come, precious, you are mine"

I may sulk in the dark feeling all is on MY plate
But you, precious one, remind me it's never too late
Too late to give it back to God and know He has good plans
Plans of good not of evil, no matter how many times I ran

You bring out my glee
No matter what's wrong with me
You turn it around for the good to be found
The good I myself find in you is profound

May we both live life thru each others place
Both live thru changes, heartaches, all thru His Grace
Yes, you see my dark, you love my light
You bless my love, thru His love so bright

May we be ONE here on earth and in the realms Above
From beginning to end with all, Christ is filled with LOVE
With His extraordinary love and peace; my worries are few
Praising our Creator for all He does and will do

I truly praise Jesus with all my heart
I never want to grumble as I did at start
I know thru all trials, blessed by you thru Him I'll shine
You're the only one I truly desire, You thru God are only mine

So bless you in return from my soul
Bless you in return
Bless your courage
Bless your strength
Bless your work I've tried to brake
Bless your love
Bless your passion
Bless your patience
Bless your prayers of persistence

There is no one like you on this earth
And I say to you again;
As a daddy and a husband when we hurt
You thru our God are always there to mend

I will always love you Christian Siebens....always thru thick and thin!

Your moody but loving wife...

Thanks for handling this road....all my brain surgeries you gripped so tight, all my phenobarbital overdosings you helped me make it thru- so we could make it thru....thru convulsions or regular seizures you hung on...my loss of language and paralyzation (temporary) last month, you put up a fight...and can claim victory my love...as we walk thru my pain, you say you know it will go away for good....thru my families lack of love, you give me your family and support.....

I love you sweetie....

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FlyingChristian said...

Loving you just seems right
> You showed me how to laugh and how to fight
> Despite issues that may arise
> We have learned to compromise.
> I am blessed to be your love
> Together we fit like a hand in a glove
> Thank you so much for the amazing poem
> Life without you would provide no home
> Yesterday, tomorrow and today
> I'll promise to love you like a horse loves hay
> Never give up on me and my quirks
> I'll do my best to be an amazing husband and not just a jerk.
> :)

Hetty Siebens said...

thank you sweetie... I love you beyond the definition of love!!!

Mare said...

Oh my Goodness you two are so amazing, cute & funny!!! I adore you both & Tory too!