True Blessings

True Blessings

 Thru every tragic moment
 there must be a blissful end.
 Hanging onto Christ and each other
 is the only way to mend. 

 I reach for you all chaotic days
 not every day do I get your touch.
 I trust in God, His truth in us-
 That you’re about to bless me so much.

 Your touch from your sweet loving hands
 makes my body shiver in delight.
 Knowing that our love is strong
 makes me allow no room to fight.

 You are my everything thru ups and downs
 You are my bright light in every moment of dim
 When focused on our precious love for Christ;
 I KNOW we've achieved ALL true blessings from HIM.

Thru all of this, I DO LOVE YOU Christian C Siebens
Hetty Siebens

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