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My Precious One

Making it thru---that I am. But it isn't on my own, or with doctors, etc... of course it is with Jesus-whom gave me two big gifts--my husband Christian, and my precious daughter Tory. Tory may only be going on 10-- but because of all of what I have gone thru, she has matured way too fast-especially in the medical field... how people are feeling. She really knows how to show support, her heart and love--and show hope thru Christ seeing all that He has carried her Mom thru. 
She was born a very "safe" child. In all ways. She knew not to run up to me on my first day back from my first brain surgery with my head wrapped-and jump into my arms. (PRAISE GOD) She just gently walked up to me, wrapping her tiny 1 yr old arms around my legs. Brilliant!! Nothing changed except she had come to know Jesus Christ BIG TIME for my 2nd and 3rd brain surgeries. And all my hospitalizations in between. She would share her faith. I sadly missed out on most of it---being the one in the hospital. But I sure heard the beautiful stories that amazed me--bringing tears to my eyes while I was at Mayo each time. 
My Tory always has such a beautiful personality--one that is full of love for Christ- full of endless love for me, and people surrounding me who suffer. Anyone in a bind, having tough times my kiddo has such a heart for--and doesn't understand why people treat a person so bad. So she is like the school "studier" of the shouldered children. And she seems to confront them--and easily make friends after a days work. Then she is really baffled at how people can just hate at looks or first day attitude meeting--could have just been a bad day or shy. She blows me out of the water. I was NOT that way as a child-yet I had NO idea whom Jesus Christ was. I just knew I was the "cool" kid--and I had my priorities--if ya looked a bit dorky, you weren't part of the "cool" crowd--simple. No sad. And my daughter, never having heard that story--already had a molded heart for Jesus-for love for people of all types-that makes mine beat triple times in praise to Jesus!!! That was the part of me I would have changed as a child growing up. And He must have known that--and did that with my beautiful child. I thank Him for His amazing work. Never did I imagine such a perfect daughter in my life.
We may have an "imperfect" set up to others. Christian is her dad-not my blood, but by love and soon adoption! As for the "biological" one beat me when she was young--and only tried her out long distance for a while--then his new wife and money supporting my kiddo became selfishly important---that is human--not me, but human. So he signed this precious child he barely knew into the strong arms of my husband today--Christian Siebens. And I praise Jesus for that. It was sure during times of trials--making sure I'd still keep my tight grip on HIM---but it came thru. And now she says she has 2 Dads----Jesus and her daddy---Christian. That is the lifetime gift for me. To fill the void--one that could have been empty, and confusing for years--filled right away by the love of my life. We thank God for a mutual friend who introduced us, John Stauffer--had he not--we never would have crossed paths. Amazing how HE works thru others for our good!! His Glory!! 
And my little Tory, as she grows will have a lifetime story of love and laughter-in a family that never quits, never gives up during any huge medical extreme, job decline to job inclines with lengthy moves. We hold tight thru all family issues-knowing we stand firmly in Christ's focus-His Way, His Truth, His Light in life---and we don't let others against Him shake us. For He is the one who painted this beautiful portrait of our family and got us going on His Plans... (as we all altar at times)  But we will love all--show His light and grace---but share His love and truth--as for our lives are completely changed for good--and for the good!!! And we praise Him.
Smiling Christ-Follower/daughter
The amazing part is---we have this little girl who has lifted her hands to HIM since she was 3... speaking out loud about how "Jesus died for us on the Cross" since she was 2---and she just gets more lively as she matures!!!! With that I say...
"Thank you Jesus---You do all things Good!!! To God be all the Glory for all the Good in our lives!!!! YOU keep us satisfied!!! "

Keeping my focus on Him--keeps my pain at bay... Keeping my love alive for Him... keeps my pain lessoned. Keeping my focus and love alive for my family and friends--makes life alive and in need to quench more for my thirst for Christ---in thanks for such blessings!!! With Him---I am alive!!! Always-thru everything. With you all--my heart grows bigger for more love for all you, more of His people---and always our God more!
I give my heart to Christ--Christian and precious Tory at the top of my list- whom I'd die for. But my list continues so long in family and friends that are like family that I just praise Him!! So I praise God right now for whomever is reading this---He placed something special in your heart that my heart thanks you for!!!
Know thru Christ-all things ARE possible. If my little girl believes this-do not waver as an adult!! Trust our Father in ever step you take-and pray about. He has amazing plans for you!!! 
Love to you all---always!!
Heather  @AliveinMe

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  REJOICE ALWAYS!! Pray Continually, give THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES--for THIS IS God's Will for YOU in Christ Jesus!!!!  (AMEN!)
Every Family Movement from Hetty Siebens on Vimeo.For all my precious friends........ most of all, my daughter Tory Moriah Siebens, hubby Christian Siebens---who both hold me up thru everything..

The amazement is--how Tory could even at 1--her faith became so strong at 2--and rocks today!! I am just so blessed!!!

Love you all!!
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Desiray said...

Lovely family you have..What a blessing. And how blessed you are