Severe Pain Brings Blessings

Third Brain Surgery Beginning-deep electrodes
How awesome is our God? How Mighty and Strong thru all of our trials-knowing each step we have to take--and yet to come...
We sit and groan thinking it is the worst pain or issue ever-when in fact, give it time--He will prove your strength-only thru your trust and faith in Him, as you hang on to even more rougher roads to come--you never thought YOU could handle.
I am one very fortunate person. He blessed me with not faith as a child or young adult, just fearlessness. Trust in parents. That later when I found Him at 26--became a HUGE understanding of Faith and His hands tight on me---even when I didn't know it.
I am one very blessed lady to have found Him in timing for 3 brain surgeries--for me to pray years upon them.... thru them, and the seizures and testing between the years of each of them--trying to seek His purpose behind the continuance. Today was my one year anniversary of the beginning of my 3rd brain surgery---that led to so much. It was miraculous. So many praying from East to West on twitter and FB--people I knew closely, others not. But I am a very open person about all my testimonies---praying to reach out to at least one lost person to come to Christ---then as many as Jesus blesses to. My mouth will talk all about my walk. And this 3rd surgery had so many positives that I dance up a storm about it. But not long after, it also had a huge crash--so there were tons of AMENS....then came a billion tears.

On the first of February---as the date is today, now a year ago--they first placed the in depth electrodes deep in my brain to read all seizure activity all over-to see how much to cut, where, what parts can't be taken out due to verbal, eyesight, etc. And they did testing with those deep in my brain for days-checking to see how it changes. It just was amazing. The pain let up a bit on the 2nd night-so the 3rd morning I was there-I was able to move more, talk, etc. So I broke out my lap top for the next nine nights leading up to my 3rd brain surgery to come----which the most radical part of this brain surgery out of all 3 was this one was done AWAKE!!!! So I could assist the docs in what was being affected!!!! Was so awesome--bit painful last 20 minutes....but every ache was worth that ability to tell them where to go-so you aren't blind. It's being part doctor!!!! Was fabulous thru our Lord to have that happen for me!!

I had such close connections thru phone, text, gifts, in person, internet--etc....prayer warriors!!! Christ made this surgery almost pain free!!! Afterward you usually pound for weeks--I did not. I smiled big thru the working of our Lord.
Now not everything lasts the way we want it to-so we sure are to take in those great moments and treasure them! As for I had a whole whirlwind ahead---pain-ALL OVER my body began when I began functioning-about 2 weeks of wellness then the body severely crashed for almost a year now.
For the most part, I am seizure free. Unless my medication is increased for the brain to control the sensing of pain. Then I have a few doozies. If I wasn't on that though-that surgery was a miracle--very seizure free otherwise.
I had time during the pain of the body after surgery---that I grew so bitter. No answers. I was mad!! And thought God just had it in for me. But after a month or so just offline--doing projects--I felt Him with His arms around me--assure me in saying--That there is much more to come--it wasn't all about me, the pain and suffering--to get my eyes off that and back onto Him, family, friends I love. And once I did---pain calmed--with me able to walk more!!!! Making gifts for others. Sharing fun times with friends near and far. He made a lot of good come out of pain---and with that--the pain sure has eased---as I focus on Him, and dear friends instead.
That February was an amazing time of my life. Changed it for the better. And this February is thanking all there last for joining in prayer---it has carried on throughout the year!!!!!!! God bless you all for seeing me thru this---I may have quite a bit less brain, but enough to know our Lord and Savior is so True and amazing---and how blessed I am with each of you as family and friends that carried me thru!!

God bless you all....today-tomorrow-----forever!!

In His Love,

Heather J Siebens

I have hair!!!!

Psalm 115:1
Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
but to your name goes all the glory
for your unfailing love and faithfulness.

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Toyin O. said...

what an awesome testimony, thanks for sharing.