All of you have been faced with a challenge... have you ever been faced with so many, that you DO feel alone?
I have.
Again, I am.
But I have come back to reality, that I AM NOT alone. And there are so many people that I know, meet, and don't know that suffer similarities, if not almost exact issues that I have woken up to how to feel for all. Not one suffering is worse than another. Cause once you complain about the one you are going thru as the worst one... or don't acknowledge well of the struggles of others to the extent that they should be... than you just may be woken up with actually feeling their pain, living thru it. I have just recently gone thru another, yes another issue that is just beyond my understanding, control, comfort.
So, after my anger, bitterness, confusion, utter pain and strife... I turned back to Jesus... for His help, as for I couldn't do it alone. If I was asked by God " Heather, would you rather go back to the epilepsy you had prior the cure for it after your 3rd brain surgery, or deal with this pain you are in-" I would have gone back to epilepsy in an instant. I knew how to handle it. I still had a "more functional" day. But I was not functional. My bones hurt so bad, and still hurt bad, that before any medication, I couldn't walk from room to room without screaming. Now I can get to another room without destruction. I can get thru a "daring" day-and pay for it the next.
But all of this has woken me to what else is out there. How all others really do suffer-it is SO REAL. It isn't just "another diagnosis" for doctors. I see the people who have something similar-and can feel it. Reach out. In addition to all I have fought/and or have as well. Wakes me up to how much is out there that I do not realize holds people back-when it helps lift them up for you to reach out and feel with them-comfort them-know their pain. In weird ways you can see the blessing from the struggles... while you do pray it dissipates.
Challenges were always something I had a gift at. But sometimes you feel like "I get them all"...  "When will they end".... "I already conquered enough, isn't this the end?"
When in fact... it never "ends." There is always a "challenge." Just have to hang on, learn what we can, bust thru them with faith-see where His Glory will take you thru it all. Never alone... in fact, you are very much crowded with love.. you just have to open your heart, mind, soul to seek and accept it all that surrounds you.

Has been a real challenge for me. This wasn't my "usual" challenge. This was such a wake up call-so different and painful, that I was reminded that He IS in control-and will continue to have you seek His love and guidance, as you trust Him. We just can't forget that. And I sure can't seem to, that is for sure.

I stood up against my "challenge..." and did more against my challenge... I went to the families "Bumpy Road..." and fought my bones and muscles- and took my mind off of my pain, and placed it on family and love God has for me in the beauty of everything around us.

Blessings to you all--when faced with a challenge, know it will be comforted, touched, healed by our dear Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ thru every step of the way.

In His Love,

Hebrews 3:14 For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ.

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