Half Year from @jasonmitchener

Six months have flown by... and not from just tons of giggles.... not just from my birthday... not just from Christmas, and shortly after-an amazing brain surgery, 3rd one for me. But one that was a bit lonely... as for I no longer had my friend to visit when healed, with updates.

No, I tried to visit 2 days after my birthday (he always remembered it) , and he had passed away nine hours prior-as I stood there gift in hand. It was a harsh unusual week of mourning, I was finally able to let my dear friend - Jason Mitchener's - death both heal thru my heart, and learn to praise HIM that Jason was no longer suffering-he was with amazing family and friends-his dad-most of all, Jesus, whom saved him, and held him strong thru so much. Jason was not any friend. He was a bright, guiding light for Christ-for all whom he spoke to, in such an elegant way. And I am ever grateful to Jesus for not having just met him on twitter-but being awakened by his words for Christ-that had me up visiting him over a year and a half ago --every two to every week.
Every visit was another chapter. Another chapter we'd start. Another chapter he'd begin from his life, and I'd share from mine... and between the two of us it formed our own chapter each visit. How many times we'd laugh, how many times we'd cry. How many times one set the other straight. How many times another lifted the other up. We were each other's backbone's brace-wouldn't let it crack, and thru Christ and faith in HIM --we would NOT be paralyzed, ill, epileptic.... we'd be free from all that. Together, we'd be well for the night as we spoke about dreams, happiness, joy, faith, friendships. Then... I, after usually about 8-10 hours, I'd have to get ready to go... we'd start the heartfelt hugs and thankfulness for each other. But then it would turn to my precious Jason pouring his heart out even more. Wondering what life "could" have been like if..... What life "should've" been like...
And Jason hated these thoughts. I hate it when I get that way. But I understood every tear, every question, any issue he ever had for a second, hour, day, etc.... as for his life was tough. I will re-link his testimony he typed for me, 2 months prior his passing. But he would never be gone too long. He'd get "down"... but we'd find him. We'd get him back out of that snap the best we could-then know Jesus had the rest in His hands. As for Jason didn't need much push, pull or challenge-his faith was the type that should be an example to many. Any one struggling-should be able to look at all his writing, music, life stories and be amazed at God's hands!! I am amazed I was able to see it all, face to face!!!
He had so many stories to share. And I will cherish every one of them. I cherish being his friend, always. I can't wait till I do see him eye to eye, and we CAN dance to the music that we love!! That will be amazing!
Jason's eyes were also like lightening... I was never the same once I met my precious friend Jason.... he showed me his amazing life that Jesus brought him thru his amazing Glory--and Jason shared that-thru my presence, my friendship, my kindness, love and care. And he always had that for everyone, and I am ever so grateful! He yearned for Him... and very much got Him-right in from of HIM-face to face!
So watch out Jason... my family and I will see you one day soon... and we can't wait to hug you, dance, talk, and PRAISE JESUS!! Love you always my precious friend!

Praying for all whom are related... his family-- Greg, my heart always goes out to you my friend... Jamie... we sure hung onto it all together.... and all at North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center... many I still know-who took great care of him. Blessings prayers to all!

In His Love,
Heather Siebens

Just Passing Through (page 42)
"God isn't the type of poet who throws His unfinished poems in the trash. He loves us too much to do that. His Son's blood is the ink He uses to write each line. Such ink is too precious to waste.
When we look at our flaws and consider giving up, we need to remind ourselves that God isn't finished with us yet! 

Jason Mitchener's Testimony on my site from back in October 2009... http://trialstotriumphs.blogspot.com/2009/10/jason-mitchener-humble-gift-from-god.html 

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SueQ said...

Hello Heather....

Thanks for sharing those wonderful thoughts of Jason...I still miss him and will until we meet in heaven. I never had the chance to make it to Arizona to meet him during the years of our friendship online...I am so glad you were able to spend time with him...he often told me how much he enjoyed your visits...