Mountains are NEVER too high

Haven't you been thru tough times when you think you will never make it thru it? Whether it is in work, health, family issues, marriage complications, temptations that you can't break, loved ones lost, and so on and so on. This isn't just tough times you go thru. It is actually an amazing mountain Jesus has set in your life-for you to trust Him as your guider, keep following Him in His direction as you pray about it. Keep trusting Him even when rocks do fall beneath you, and it sets you back several feet again. As for getting thru this amazing mountain WILL happen, it is in Christ's perfect timing-His plan.
Have any of you done indoor rock climbing before? I absolutely love it. I usually rip up the wall in seconds quicker than my own hubby. Just has always been a gift. But when my body and muscles get tired, it has its fallbacks. Which is why when we are climbing The Mountain thru Christ ... we may get tired too. We may get worn and broken. We may feel there are just no more answers to come. That is the moment we have to breathe deep, refocus, open our hearts and minds and Bibles as we pray. That way again we can see His next turn and plan awaiting me...you. Then with that refreshment thru Him-again we start that climb to the next part of His plan.

And that part is so amazing!! Seeing all the more parts of plan He does have--and has had since before we were born. We just have to learn to trust and seek Him... so we can have them unfold more and more. As we climb that mountain and taste the fact He has answered prayers already-and has you now, full of His love therefore full of faith-knowing what He has in store up this Mountain is good and well worth every issue you encountered getting there so far--it will be worth it every struggle to come!!
I have been there-with a big struggle of ups and downs and add ons as well to a decade of my health plummeting. Thru it I learned to run to find Him, to grasp Him, to trust Him, when weak-to call and reach to Him, to love Him, to let Him love you, and to learn He has these amazing plans-thru this what seems endless and unfixable-He has planned all differently, for HIS GLORY THRU YOU! And that is a big TRUE!!! Was a decade of uncontrollable epilepsy enhanced by pregnancy-and today (May 12th) my 3 month anniversary of my 3rd brain surgery this year. I am now-after of decade of all medications tried, retried, and tried again, 1 than 2nd brain surgery--still having seizures. The mountain began to seem higher. But I knew better-and kept climbing, all the spots they may have seemed I'd never make it. And now, I am here... on top of the Mountain--smiling filled up with His Grace, Mercy and Love... thrilled to say.. no matter how long it takes to get up that mountain--it is never as hard as it could be-if you didn't allow Christ to guide you, carry you ever at times. He is excited to see us climbing, with faith!!
Are you today? Don't take a moment... make sure if you feel negative on you situation, your climb-you reach to Him, on whatever part of that mountain you are on... pray... see what He has in store. He will guide you!
God bless you all!!

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