Sidelines... or Jesus?

Do we kick back at the sidelines.... having popcorn and soda?  Do we kick back in our life's "sidelines" feeding off what we wish to hear? Or do we head out to the field-to someone's home- to a hospital- to the church- to SKYPE, twitter, facebook or other amazing communication sites- to reach out. Do we meet one at church, or their home, or have them over?? These are just a few amazing ways to get into the action Christ wants you in. Whether you are hiker, quarterback, wide-receiver, etc-- He has a place for you to reach out-to help others. To share His Word. To share your testimony thru how amazing He works thru your life- and as Elton John says "I'm still standing..." but it is thru Christ--and relying on His love and plan for you--trusting Him, reaching to other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ- to lift you up. And He will get you thru today. When He decides tomorrow will come-- tomorrow will be even more amazing-- as you grip Him and His Word-and fellow followers, who have been there- and know a lot of what you feel- yet also know His amazing love, mercy and grace- that will pull you up- and set forth His plans, as you keep trusting Jesus. Walking tightly. The sidelines are great- to watch other lives being lived-- that perhaps one day you may want to try to attempt. Don't let time fly by. Get in NOW!! He wants you full force!!! Helmets on for Christ!! Prepared to build your life for Him-- thru Him-- all about Him!! Not sit back and watch it go by till next season. NOW IS THE TIME! Pick up your Bible-- read it!! Soak it up-- pray before you open it. If little me, less brain, ever understood it-- YOU CAN!! And if you ever need help-- I am here-- and if I can't-- I know amazing tweets that are brilliant!! But get into His Word-- fighting the good fight--- ALL FOR HIS GLORY!!! We don't let the devil take ahold of us-- we put on armor!! We battle with amazing words-- His Word!! FAITH, SALVATION, SPIRIT!!! It is all about Him... football may truly be fun-- but if given this choice--sidelines of #Jesus or in the game- offensive for our Savior-- which would you chose? I'd chose any battle on the grass for #Jesus.... AMEN!!
Blessings to you all--pray you have been enjoying the football season--remember who we are really here for--to spread the Word about-- get in the game and shout His name--HE IS THE KING OF GLORY!! #Jesus !!

In His Dear Love,


Ephesians 6:16-17  In every battle you will need faith as your shield to stop the fiery arrows aimed at you by Satan. Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.


Darrel Green said...

I love your fire and testimony and a witness for the Infinite One, using the faith that has been given by GOD it's borrowed with interest, let me make sure I'm using what he gives for the good of GOD's cause.

Bless the life of GOD within you.


andyharper said...

We had a word about Jesus being our shield at church this week. I was thinking of a shield in an offensive way, pick it up and push forward. Also if Jesus is our sheild He goes there first, we just follow!