New Year-Same AMAZING GOD!

This may be an awesome New Year's Day-- an awesome New Year to come-- but it is thru our same Awesome God- Jesus Christ. He knows already what is to come-- and amazing plans in our lives-- thru any down points-- remember to hold tight to Him- as for He is the one that always has the "Best that is yet to come!!"
So we can watch balls drop, or fireworks, or sparklers-- but He is the amazing LIGHT that shines bright ALL THE TIME- throughout every NEW YEAR. So keeping your eye on the real Light-- Firework-- that has awesome love, mercy, grace, and plans for each moment, day, week, month, year you have to come-- will give your year-- every "New Year" an amazing spark-- no-BLAST OF LIGHT-- showing you reasons He has you here for. Plans He has thru every moment of time in your life thru Him-- we just have to focus on Him, not ourselves, or selfish material things. Material things can be fun, and there isn't any wrong in liking them, but know that isn't our reason for being here. We all have an amazing purpose thru Him-and He more than guides you, when you allow Him to. Just have to call on Him-- with all your heart-- He very much answers! And you will see what His plans are. How He works in just amazing ways thru faith in Him. He is a New Year, a Christmas Gift-- everything good, every day! He does all good for you-- keep seeking that. And when trouble does hit-- hang on to HIM-- He has more amazing good to come-- when you trust and love Him. That makes every "New Year" a more amazing year-- each year--- TRUST AND LOVE FOR JESUS!
I wish you all a very Happy New Year... as you Trust, obey, love Jesus throughout all of 2010-- and all to come!!! As I will trust HIM BIG-- as they saw open my head again, 3rd time, and cut out more brain this year. He has always been amazing thru it ALL!!! And we will praise Him- as we do already- when my husband's adoption for Tory goes thru. AMEN!!
We love you dearly!

Happy New Jesus Focus Year-- for me, my family, you all of us!!

Heather  @AliveinMe

Psalm 115:1 Not to us, O LORD, but to YOU goes all the glory for Your unfailing love and faithfulness.

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