Excitement marvels me

Who loves that feeling? When you first accept Christ into your life-He saves you! When you are about to get married. About to give birth to your child? Going on an awesome vacation. Been given promotion-or awesome new job. Driving in packed traffic on the freeways... (okay-that is just me who loves that!) When your dear other half comes home from a business trip. Your child's first day of school. Graduating from College. Excitement for others who accept Jesus. So much excitement-and more.
My excitement has been wrapped up, so often in brain surgery. First one was really exciting-suffering so badly-with a baby needing me to be a good mom. But wound up so turbulent with a tragic end to my marriage two months after the surgery-when my ex beat me.
More excitement came-when I was suffering thru all that- trying to find answers- overdosing- that I found Jesus!! THAT WAS THE MOST AMAZING EXCITEMENT EVER!!! As for He is the answer--that has always been there.
He blessed me with an awesome love-- my husband today-- Christian Siebens. Who walked with me thru everything, and still does. He went thru my overdosing days. He was right there for me during my second brain surgery--fearful as ever--as for his family never is ill. But God sure saw him thru! And he has just grown stronger with dealing with my illness-- even Tory-our child having epilepsy too.
Excitement of finally being able to marry him, with obedience thru our Lord-- October 6, 2007... AMEN!!
Jesus brought on awesome EXCITEMENT when after a tragic summer of our little Tory MIA for 8 days, with her then biological dad and his new wife, He blessed us with my ex giving me full custody-and Christian ability now to adopt. She knows him as dad-he is the one who raised her-always there. I was just very obedient not to slander my ex when he did attempt to try to come back into her life for a bit. And it just wasn't working-on his end-for Tory's seizures. God is so amazing.
And HE HAS BROUGHT AMAZING EXCITEMENT with my 3rd brain surgery. Scheduled FINALLY February 1st!! With my amazing neurologist at Mayo Hospital here in Phoenix. I have been so patient-had some rough spots. But I always know He has HIS TIMING--not ours. When I did snap--as we humans do in the end--He saw I was relying on Him--needing Him--hearing my cries. And after I texted my neurologist basically saying give up--He blessed me with a quick appointment to talk to him. Then made sure we were all ready to go, knowing risks--and he booked it while I was standing there, waiting for my bloodwork appointment to be booked. He works wonders on everyone's heart---
Does He on yours?
Open your heart--not your eyes and ears--your mind, heart and soul-- He will work thru you, if He does thru me!! 
You all are such blessings! I look forward to each tweet--until surgery, and some while there, and when I return!!
In His Grip,
Heather Siebens

Luke 19:6  Zacchaeus quickly climbed down and took Jesus to his house in great EXCITEMENT and joy.
John 20:29 Then Jesus told him, "You believe Me because you have seen Me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing Me."
Hebrews 7:7  And without question, the person who has the power to give a blessing is greater than the one who is blessed.


Stuart Ross McCallum said...


I am sure that I am speaking for the majority of your friends when I say, "Hetty our dear friend, we are in awe of who you are, and the person you have become.

Honoured, Stuart

Melinda Lancaster said...

You are a blessing, Hetty. Praying for all of you during this exciting time.