Thankful for LOVE

1 Corinthians 13:4-7  Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the Truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

WOW!!! Love is amazing... it is amazing when we first feel it. It is amazing when we have it in tough times... it is awesome when we have it in great times. But man-- do we always recognize it? Respect it? The whole way we should...
I am first-- well since I am typing this to say, no. I do my best-- on most days to love as much as I can-- but then recognize how much more I really still can, no matter how I am feeling. I am very blessed today-- first off-- having found Jesus back in hard times in 2003-- so I could learn what TRUE LOVE really is. He blessed me thru that with an amazing husband to marry-- who is one that is so close to loving as close to being like Christ-- amazes me. Not for greedy reasons. Jesus blessed me with that in time-- to learn how to love thru Christ-- and learn how to love--- hand and hand. Therefore I could also be a better mom... learning more to love.. each day and every day-- hand and hand-- thru Christ. He brought this family together-- thru HIS LOVE. And that, I am so amazed at.
Before I found Him... before my husband today... before my daughter entered my life... I was part very loving-- but not as much from the heart-now that I look back. I was very unselfish... I was a big giver. But I also had this snappy selfish side. And when someone said something that was out of line-- I was quite the defender-- one who can sit in a debate for hours and days-- until the other collapses. And that I learned--- even though my family always looked at that as a "Jensen" gift-- was not a gift at all. Jesus wants us to be humble. Wants us to give-- even to those who mock us. Love our enemies. We can talk humbly to others who are falling off their walk-- but we aren't Christ to judge-- we are His children to share His Truth. And if they hear-- they get back on the saddle. If they don't--- He takes care of what we planted. But--- we aren't to judge-- we aren't to rip and tear--- we aren't to ASSUME--- we aren't to sit and argue. We are to LOVE-- and with Love share His LOVE. And even if that takes setting boundaries, so your love doesn't get inflicted with someone-- then set up boundaries. With someone who is living a very dark life-- but you love them dearly-- you can attempt several ways of help-- but you otherwise are not in control. Other than to LOVE, and set up boundaries... so you do not wind up hating.... or disliking. Just waiting for them to come back--- with love like you also have.
I am blessed. I have love on both sides of my family. I have an amazing daughter. I am blessed truly by Jesus to have this amazing husband--- who is a gift from HIM. All of you-- friends from Heaven.... Most of all, I have Christ in my life. And that is the most amazing LOVE ever--- UNCONDITIONAL. Thru His love-- I have learned to love all--- thru everything. Even my ex who beat me. Hate is not part of vocabulary-- may have strife-- but He shares His Love-- His Light-- and I soak that up--- when focused on our True Love-- Jesus Christ.
Here is this years amazing Love letter my husband wrote to me....
At Christmas time I think of all the gifts...
That bring me great delight and sweet surprise,
But nothing in this world can bring such joy
As you do, when I look at you in your eyes.
When I contemplate what Christmas really means,
The caring and the giving-I must confess,
You've given me the things I want the most:
Your love, your touch, your kiss, your warm caress,
The Christmas tree we decorated reminds me,
That just the thought of you sets me aglow;
You light me up from deep within my heart,
Because I cherish and LOVE you so.
With you it's Christmas ALL THE TIME
I treasure every hour and every minute.
Your love is all I'll ever want because,
My life is so fulfilling with you in it.
Jesus gave us these three little words--I LOVE YOU
I really, truly do. These words should be used by us throughout the seasons...
Now and all year through
I thank Jesus He loved me enough to give me time on this earth with you
and I promise to be your loving gift just as you are mine too.
Merry Christmas 2009
(My Hubby Christian @flyingchristian )

When Jesus saved me and brought me to Him-- I will sit here and say-- that is when I really began to truly learn to love-- everyone-- unconditionally-- non-judgmental. I am far from perfect... but I am so grateful for all that brought me here. It makes Christmas true CHRISTmas... loving everyone who is there thru HIS LOVE!! Love you all so much...
In His Love,

Heather @AliveinMe


meghan said...

Aww! This made me tear up a bit.Praise be to Jesus for his amazing love!

Amazing love how can it be,That you my KING would die for me!

Anonymous said...

I meant evey word of my letter. I am blessed to have found a woman like you who understands love and is able to share it in a way that is pleasing to Christ. I am far from Christ like..but i will do my best to live up to my name. What a wonderful blog..you are full of talent and joy. Never lose or forget that.


Heart Like Jesus said...

This was a beautiful post! Thank you for being so transparent with your words.


SmashDesign said...

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