Christmas Past--CHRISTmas present

Christmas Past and CHRISTmas present. Why is one partially capitalized? What are the differences of your Christmas now-compared to your Christmas as a child? 
Sure, as adults we could say presents are fewer-and they sure aren't toys. Some can even say they don't do presents-focused on kids only. Others can say they are ALL ABOUT THE GIFTS ever MORE-- perhaps didn't get much as a kid. Then there is the decoration. Oh I LOVE TO DECORATE!!! WOAH!!!! However, it could be just the opposite of my mother. She was so not for it. I remember her having her scotch-laughing in her PJ's--to Christmas music we ever listened to-- rudolph and such.... and throwing on lights, garland, and bulbs-- and whatever ornaments we made as young kids in class-or her best friend made her. Just wasn't my mom's thing. Then there is me. I have a tradition to always purchase 3 ornaments that pertain to each of us, from Hallmark. And about 18 or so from Pier One that are sentimental-- and mean something. Each year tree just has to grow!! I love that part... but it still is not my favorite part.

He is the ironic part... I had zero clue what Christmas was about-- all my childhood. I just knew for the years of belief in Santa-- we needed to be tucked in bed. Which was simple on my medication. But I didn't fear Santa not leaving anything like my brother... he really feared the "Santa Watch" they had on TV when we were in Scottsdale, AZ... and it tells you when to get into bed--- when it said it was time-- he just freaked-- falling into tears-- fearing Santa would come out of the TV and see he was awake-- leaving him nothing. That wasn't me. I was very laid back. 

But then years went by-- my dad grew higher in wealth-- and we grew older as kids-- so it became just a selfish day. A day of getting. Getting for what? None of us had a clue what the day was even for. We were spoiled with amazing gifts-- yet not the TRUE GIFT....

I didn't, as you know hear about Jesus until I was 19-- which I didn't take to Him then-- took hard times-- and that is another gift I am grateful for. Because beginning at the age of 27 I began to truly celebrate Christmas in pure joy-- then-- with no money-- but completely rich with the Ultimate Gift-- Jesus Christ. Jesus, born-- in such a tragic set up. Not the platinum reward Marriott upgrade. Born- to a virgin mother-- chosen to bring the AMAZING MESSIAH into this world-- TO SAVE US-- no decor in that stable the Inn Keeper allowed them to go to... as for The Inn had No Rooms... he just didn't sound like today he would get a good comment card....

Now I worked at the Marriott's in California for years... we always found ways on sold out nights to squeeze emergencies in. Platinum or not-- had this been today at the desk if I still worked there-- I would have found a room. As for I squeezed in who is now a dear friend back in 1998 in Newport Beach, CA--on a very "sold out" night-- and he is who introduced me to my husband today, in 2002. 

As for what is Christmas to me... it is CHRISTmas. It isn't about the gifts we give or receive-- it isn't about the decor-- it isn't about food (for sure!!) it isn't about how many pictures taken-- it isn't about pleasing all-- it isn't about what relative says about you, or what one wears--- it is ALL ABOUT CHRIST. His birth-- WOW!! As for had that not happened--- I would be one doomed soul!! I am so grateful God sent His one and only Son--into this world-- in such an amazing way!! He is the TRUE GIFT--- ALL WE NEED. He tried to tell so many the Truth-- so many denied face to face. It takes Him dying on the Cross-- and rising-- for some to wake up... I am so grateful I WOKE UP...I pray for so many.... including all my family roots--- we see many tomorrow night-- pray He shines thru us!!

God bless you all!!!

Very Merry Christmas--- thru our AMAZING SAVIOR's Grace-

Heather  @AliveinMe @EpilepsyCures

John 3:16 
For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

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Ariel.com said...

Heather this is really a great and wonderful testimony, amazing!!! is the encounter with Jesus. May the Good Lord continue to help and guide you in all your endeavors. My Prayers. love. phil