My Dear friend Jason Mitchener's Funeral Today

You all will think I am some bottle of health knowledge for others--as I have suffered. That is so not the case. Jesus just must have known I couldn't have taken losing close friends or family I knew well--until I KNEW HIM. And even knowing Him... it is so hard when you first find out. When you find out in a drastic way-- knowing he had been suffering some more prior, but he always pulled thru. Then was back on the computer talking to all... and setting up his new amazing website (in addition to what he has!!)

I always wondered how I would handle it. The death of a very close and dear friend. And I thank Jesus He made sure I would cry-- as for I am always a fighter of it. But that sure helped cleanse my mourning-- to bring me up to today. His funeral. I know more tears will run-- but not like if I had held it all back. So-- today will be a day of joy for Him -- as he is with our Savior for His birthday-- Jesus Christ. And A day I still know tears will build-- as for I sure do miss him. But he is one amazing soul in so many ways-- strong when very ill... as for I swear he hung on for my birthday here-- made it!!! Passed late the next day--and now is up in Heaven for Jesus'!! He just always has a heart for everyone else FIRST!!

I shared his story at my epilepsy support group-- and called to let Terry Graham know too-- as for I know he hasn't been very active on twitter. So more heart and love are with him today!!! And I thank you all for your support and love!!! And Gorgon Renfrow-- you are one amazing supporter-- and I thank you for all those amazing words!!!! As for I know Jason is thrilled with your support!!

I love you all and thank all of you for your love for Jason!!! He more than loves you back BIG from the heights of Heaven-- with Jesus right there WITH HIM!! WOW!! Up there he is singing the songs he wrote!!! Never held back by his ventilator!!!! AMEN!!

Blessings and Love to you all!!

Heather Siebens

Psalm 103:20-22 Praise the LORD, you angels of His, you mighty creatures who carry out His plans, listening for each of His commands. Yes, praise the LORD, you armies of angels who serve Him and DO HIS WILL! Praise the LORD, everything He has created, everywhere in His Kingdom. As for me--I, too, will praise the LORD.

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