My Dear Friend Jason Mitchener is HOME!

It is so hard to sit here and type those words for the title- but now I am trying to deal with reality- that he and I would talk about each time I went up to see him. We would sit there for 8-10 hours and talk about everything in life-- and he had one amazing life.

He was so humble. So true. So caring. So loving. And when he saw anything he felt needed correction-- stood up for his belief thru Christ!! And that was how we first met in January this past year- when I first started twitter. He simply saw my tweet- and it said something to the matter- when I was suffering pretty bad with my illnesses- I typed-- it just will be amazing when Jesus comes to get me!!! And he came back with-- something like -- No-- I want to live as long as I can-- no matter how stricken I am-- it is all for His glory--to bring more to Home to Him. ---- That woke me up again... and we built an amazing friendship--- and I am one to quickly ask him which facility is he at.... and bout a week later I was there with McDonald's he ordered- as I asked what I could bring. Each time I went up- I always brought him outside meals-- so it was "close" to getting outside. For a while-- he gave up Diet Coke for God-- any soda-- and I would bring him tea always--and he used that fake sugar!!! It was so amazing-- from day one-- such a humble, kind amazing soul... just kindly asked if it would bother me if I fed Him??? Didn't Jesus wash the disciples feet??? Jesus Christ-- our Lord and Savior-- humbled way below the fact HE IS GOD-- to wash THEIR FEET.... We are talking this amazing soul-- who always walked in Jesus' path-- once he found him... just in the nick of time-of his major suffering to come.... OF COURSE I COULD FEED JASON... or anyone. He would me any day of the week if he could--- he already had done so much for me...

We both shared amazing family life stories.... we both have the part where you live and learn-- and the part you just always love so much. That is family. And it is always a blessing to live and learn-- no matter how we do it-- as long as we get the LEARN part in.

I would be up there for hours--- his art was amazing---his music he wrote--his stories by his father--- I now have his book, tape, and art-- in my home--always--that I purchased face to face!! Stored up there in these amazing stacked boxes- all over-in the bathroom-he always knew where to send me!!! I bought for myself-- and also for others. I always knew where everything was located in that packed 8x12 half room shared. We'd talk from around 5-2:30 am...

The last talk was a tough one-- was right before I had to head out for Alabama-- for my MEG test--for my brain surgery to come. And right before I was leaving he was just in tears about life... and I stayed longer---we talked about how we WILL make it better... when I get back from my MEG-- we will make signs-- and certain schedules-for the nurses-when not in any trauma. And the fact he could only sleep on his left side-which stared at his cupboard--we were going to put up a sign-- uplifting words thru Christ. I came back from the MEG test I had done in Alabama-- and came down bad with H1N1 for a month. So I couldn't visit....

I was going to go up a week ago-- but was told by a family member- he wished I would not-- but if my gut said something else thru Jesus-- to proceed... I didn't want to step on family toes. So I waited.... My birthday was the 15th... I swear God had given me this weird feeling all week up thru THAT NIGHT of my birthday to go up-- but I waited-- didn't want to leave my husband on my birthday. Then it led to me heading up there day and a half after---as I said-- missed early post by his brother on his FB site-- as for I was getting ready for my doctor appt for my vertigo issue. Then went shopping for his Christmas gift-- doctors-- hit the freeways..............................

And I miss him so much. He is so loved by so many. SO MANY!! And those who met him--supported him-- Mike-- if you somehow catch this--THANK YOU-- you were one amazing soul for him!!! And dear Paul-- YOU know he is with Jesus--WOW! Jamie Lynn--- you will always be loved... As well as Third Day-- Bebo Norman-- His precious family--- I thank God for your amazing son/brother/nephew/grandson etc--you all had a major role--and I thank you--- and everyone!! He just amazed me, touched my heart, moved me, inspired me, and still does!!!!

He had amazing plans that God saw thru-- all this year he has had this van needed work-- to start-- tires, oil--etc--- got it finally going with help of many on twitter!! And his mom was able to insure him on her car insurance-- and he'd just get one trained or take a respiratory therapist with him-- to drive him to churches so he could speak- giving his testimony that touches the heart of so many!! Let's others know God will see you thru-- use ALL FOR HIS GLORY!! And just as all this came together-- was when he got sick and Jesus saw he accomplished all he had planned....wow.

Jason-- as you know-- I have been bawling-- and that is weird for me-- as you also know--- so you are truly loved and amazing--full of grace and mercy like Jesus.... know my husband's heart goes out-- and my precious daughter was bawling when I finally got home--- she loved you so much!!! We all always will-- as you keep your fire going--ALIVE up there with Jesus!!! If you can-- when I bawl-- just touch my shoulder-- tell me it's all ok..... maybe it will calm....

Will be amazing to see you there!! Dancing!!! Love you always my dear friend... keep dancing til I am there too!! We all will dance together with Jesus and Third Day!

In my Arms tight thru Christ,





mysiraylon said...

okay, I just started to read more and more from your writings, and that of the guy named Jason Mitchener... almost cannot get off my eyes when started reading hmmm, seems a magnetic pole is in place, & I cannot express the mixed emotions of whether stop or continue to find out more.

Scott McQueen said...

Hetty, Jason was and IS blessed to have a friend in you. I only chated with Jason now and then, and I am bawling now too. One day Jesus will wipe away every one of our tears. God Bless you Hetty!

Richard said...

The next we see Jason, he will be singing and dancing in his new body. Imagine the elation he must be feeling and the crowns he's receiving!

baylormum said...

I have tears of sadness & of joy! Sadness because I never met Jason face-to-face. Joy because he just brought that through his words of inspiration and laughter. He loved the laughter! His first tweet of the day. Always: "Hello. :)" Always a smile. When I was having a pity party, he would always say something to make me smile. What an amazing spirit Jason had.It came through the computer like real life. What a tribute, Hetty. What a joy. What a testimony. What a great human being.

SunnySusan said...

Oh Hetty...I never met Jason. But I remember telling him I would bring him dinner when we were passing thru...for me to want to meet someone from the internet..wow that is a God thing. And He will take away all our tears...mine too, even never meeting him, he did touch me.
My daughter was amazed at his artwork having bought some from his zazzle site. She is also into digital art. She wanted to me Jason.

I know for a fact he is running around meeting everyone and leaping and praising God.


Karla Meachem said...

hey girl,

what a beautiful tribute you have put together for such an amazing man ~ thank you so much for sharing your heart, as well as an inside glimpse into Jason's life.

What a glorious day it will be when you are in touch with one another again.

So sorry for your loss.

Love, Karla

Surrender40 said...


We are so touched by this blog post, and we know that Jason is RUNNING now on Streets of Pure Gold with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What an awesome man of God he was and now he is singing Holy, Holy, Holy is The Lamb! Great post Heather and know that you are loved.

Steve & Trachena
Surrender40 Inc

Debbie said...

Very touching tribute to such an inspiring person.

Ariel.com said...

Hetty, So sorry to hear about his sad departure, the blog says he was so dear to you. Take heart as you said at the bottom of the blog, yes one day that hopeful day you and of course all of us can meet there. What great hope our Savior has promised to each one of us. Keep us inform thru your wonderful tweets as well other web communications.
your new friend phil