The Way He Works

Jesus works wonders-- is really how He works. He works in HIS timing. His Way. His Plan. For His Glory. We just have to re-understand that--and re-thank Him each time we go thru some sort of trial or hard time. He is not punishing us. He will never allow anything we can't handle--to enter our lives, even when we think it is past the limit-it is far from it. He has us in the palm of His hands.

Thru every step of illness I have gone thru--I can thank Him for having me turn to Him in time--before it all would hit. There are many parts of illness that have struck-- many times in the hospital that haven't been fun. The main one of course is my Epilepsy. And we are gearing up for my 3rd brain surgery. I am excited--and have faith He will heal me thru it. Each time He has worked wonders. He has a reason for everything. We just have to trust Him--the way He works is trust, love, obedience, faith. Whether we see Him or not---we trust Him. We all should hear from Him one way or another-- or we aren't quite praying or talking to Him right-- in His time-- He will always respond to you!! To me-- to us all. But we have to open up our hearts... we don't have to have amazing brains... it is the heart He is looking to grab. And if you open yours up... soften it... He will be able to WORK RIGHT THRU YOU!!

This I also know too well. I lived thru the hard heart life for many years. You all may know I am a blip-aholic. I love mostly my Christian music today-- as for it wakens my soul! But I also love to Blip the music of my past-- the days I was so confused and fighting against Him. Presented with all this "stuff" about Him at 19... then was hurt... emotionally, and biblical (even though then I could care less about the biblical part). It was adultery. And I wasn't going to live that out again--against me. So instead--- I would brake up with my now ex-- and go find another "to be." And if I counted how many relationships I went thru in a short span--you'd be like--- this is the same Hetty? But it was so before Jesus. Now I look back and just flabbergasts me! We are all sinners--fall short of His Glory--- but wow--when I did accept Him- it took me sometime to forgive myself. Granted-- this is the same person who beat me. So, that is where we both were wretched. But--that is where I look back at the music we'd listen to-- and see-- WOW this was where our marriage was going.

And today--knowing Jesus--following Him tight--thru every trial--illness--grief--issue....I know He has plans--love--and such love for me. And has given so much of it already!! Starting with Him dying on the cross for my sins!! WOW!!! Then blessing me with an amazing husband today---and beautiful child I can't even explain to you!!! And allowing my husband to adopt her---He just keeps on working thru us---and I am so grateful!! As for HE IS MY GOD---and He blesses ME!! WOW!!

I am one who wishes to give back--I always try--I hope the little I do do--is a beginning...and will amount to more and more as I get better thru surgery--- and following!!! ALL FOR HIM!!

Love you all-- and thank you for your friendship thru Him!! Sorry I have been MIA for a month--- H1N1 was NO FUN-- But HE SAW ME THRU-- and all with the help of your prayers!! God bless you all!!

In His Grip,

Heather Siebens

@AliveinMe @EpilepsyCures

Proverbs 16:20
Whoever gives thought to the Word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD.


Yum Yucky said...

It's wonderful to hear this part of your testimony and hear of your love and faith in Christ.

I am listening to your Blip station right now. I've had it on all day! =)


ktdoglover4HIM (Katie) said...

Hetty so grateful for His Timing. Thank you for being honest and open. You inspire many through Him. Hugs my friend so glad He is still healing you.

SunnySusan said...

Hetty...He is our Peace isn't He...

I am back from the doc and all is well...no more of those pills....

Starry said...

Hello Heather,
I just stumbled across you on Blip, then Twitter, then followed your link here. I'm excited to read your thoughts and reflections. I really need reminding sometimes, even though i know God is good and He loves me no matter what. What a blessing to find a sister in Christ.
Love in Him,

Marina said...

I loved this text and loved your blog. I'm christian and brazilian. I just want to ask you if I can use your text (translate for portuguese, of course) to put in my blog. Can I?

God bless ya so much!


Anonymous said...