Together We WILL BE...

Life can be frustrating
Life can seem wrong
Life can feel daunting
Life's troubles seem long

Life with you is reassuring
Life with you there's no fight
Life with you is quite soothing
Life with you there's no plight

Together life's better,
no..together life's great,
for together we see the very true souls,
not just the ordinary states.

So one day you and I WILL be,
no, one day, we will all be THREE,
and the future will hold such promises,
promises that are meant to be.

I love you my dear Christian,
you're my best friend in this life,
I'll be with you always dear love,
until were with Jesus-with no more strife.

Love you,


I wrote this for I knew who was my husband to be back- July 8, 2004...GOD WORKS WONDERS THRU OUR TRUST AND LOVE AND OBEDIENCE TO OUR MAKER!! ;) I am so blessed to be with Christian...whom my daughter sees as Daddy...and I know who God planned for me. AMEN!! He works wonders...always know that!



Faith Imagined said...

Love the picture! Love the poem!

JoJo Tabares said...

That is just beautiful! What a blessing you are to so many. I was twice blessed. To know you online and then get to meet you face to face!

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem! It's truly a blessing to have a wonderful husband, daughter and the Lord in your life!

FlyingChristian said...

Crazy to think that this was 11 years ago. We certainly have been through many challenges.. But we have stayed strong and been blessed. You knew the future, you knew we were meant to be. I pray we continue rely on each other through the good and bad.. That we strive to love more deeply, completely,,, Life is not perfect.. But God said a strand of 3 is not easily broken. We are three.. As you mentioned.. And we have have Jesus wrapped tightly around us..you are part of my heart.. Part of my soul.. Part of who I have become. I am looking forward to the next 11 years with hope and excitement for what God has in store for us. I love you