Then, Than, Love

Did you ever think that we would ever be more than acquaintances back in our trial times? More then, than a friend? More then, than an in and out lover? More then, than a problem solver? More then, than an advice giver? More then, than a favor provider? More then, than a get away couple? More then, than a dream team? More then, than sorrow candidates? More then, than poignant people in pity? More then, than two with no rules? More then, than lies and no truths? More then, than ends with no future beginnings--beginnings with tragic ends? More then, than love extends to others on the face of this earth?
For some reason, love holds us up strong, walks with us...through good and bad, happy and sad, rough or smooth road, holds us up entirely to be together...for me...for you. Love.

I am no longer lost, I am found by you, by your heart...

Please, stay with us, stay by me. Love has found us, and won't fall from us...keep me in your heart no matter where you are. You are always, always in mine!

I love you!


Written to my boyfriend then...hubby today...Christian...@flyingchristian wrote this to him 7/10/04 knowing God would have us marry one day!! :) AMEN!

Praise Jesus for Him!!

I love you Christian...

Blessings to you all!!!

In His Love,


1 John 4:19 We love each other as a result of HIS loving US FIRST.

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