If Today Was YOUR Last Day???

If today was your last day & tomorrow was too late-could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past? Donate every dime you had? Would you call those friends you've never seen? Reminisce old memories? Would you forgive your enemies? ~Nickelback

We never know what tomorrow holds...which is why we are to live in Christ's light...loving all-at all times...even in tough circumstances...knowing HE WILL SEE US THRU.

Have I always? Do I always? No. But thru all circumstances I have been thru...not sure if tomorrow truly would come-but Christ had plans for me...and kept me...I do my all in all to always love all..forgive those who hurt me...love them...ask for forgiveness-show all how much they impact my life...in all different areas of life. My friends thru Jesus-who share faith-help me keep my faith...and my focus on Him...growing spiritually. My doctors-who Jesus guided me to-help me fight for wellness...and a way to live for Him in an eager manner. I thank my neurologist so much for somehow hearing Jesus talk to him...giving him such patience thru seizures, overdosing, surgeries...and more to come...I've had doctor's wipe their hands...he doesn't. My AMAZING family-my parents...not into Jesus...but I JUST RECEIVED AN E-MAIL LAST NIGHT from my DAD on Jesus-is "He truly God?" I was so thrilled not only cause he was reading that...but he was sharing the fact he was reading it WITH ME. Takes a lot of pride to be knocked down to do that. My daughter who is an amazing reason I went searching for Jesus. She has a heart of gold like Him...I thank Him every day for her...as for I wouldn't have searched for Him without her. My AMAZING husband...Christian...many of you know...who loves-in all circumstances. All I pulled, went thru, am going thru....he still loves me. And he saw me in the days when I'd be driving-blasted out of my mind on Phenobarbital-numbing pain-trying to find Jesus. He is one to give many thanks to thru Christ...as for why I was determined to get well. And with my seizures-still am. And my ex husband...we went thru so much hard times-adultery, domestic violence just after my first brain surgery-but Jesus gave us amazing time-to muddle thru it-yes, divorce-but before that ever came-He made sure we would forgive each other-not just for Him, for us, but for our child's sake.

And Jesus...with all I put HIM thru...before I searched for Him...back when I rejected Him...He saved me so many times...but when on the bed in the ER...not sure IF I'd wake-after stomach pumping..He WOKE ME UP. Not just from coma...but from being dead to this world-needing His bread of life, not pills...and HE SAVED ME.

These are a few reasons why...in all times-I try to pour out as much love as Christ pours out-which will never happen...but even a brink of it feels so amazing. Life isn't about money, jobs, houses, fame, popularity-it is about LOVE and what you can do with your love thru Christ-for others.

Simple to say...I love you all...am so blessed...and if I am not here tomorrow...want you all to know that..we never know. If I am unable to type after my 3rd brain surgery-remember-I'd still be typing prayers and love to you all...thru Jesus!

God bless you all...and I truly THANK YOU ALL for YOUR AMAZING LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP...when I pour tears of joy...you've done God's work!



Colossians 3:14 And the most important piece of clothing you must wear is LOVE. LOVE is what binds us all together in PERFECT HARMONY.


Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight!


Scott McQueen said...

Awesome Hetty, God works at the most crazy and unlikely times and in the most unlikely souls just to confound those that are wise in their own eyes. I had it all, prestigious career, 4.0 GPA, I thought I knew everything, but was still miserable. I almost lost it all, almost threw life away. God intervened and so I am here. I have everything I need and so much more, but I would still give it all away to keep Christ, everything of me is rubbish.

If today was my last day, I think I would do what I am trying to do everyday; Love, give, comfort, heal, and share my faith, but above all - Love!

Ms. Latina said...

Thank you Hetty. You were the only one I could think of in the moment, I am sure the morning will be brighter. But my walk has been slow lately so many thorns in my path He's pulling them out tho. GBU and help you always. Good night ... Thought I should point out that your sidebar question should include self. I think thats a big one and sometimes harder to forgive then the others. Sometimes it feels lik ethat for me =) Can you pray that I meet more Christian friends in real life too? Thank you

Anonymous said...

You all amaze me thru Jesus!!