I'm ready...

For my thrilling tests tomorrow-that go on for 5 hours! Going to check my brain and its wonderful memory loss from all the seizures, mainly the large ones that do that to me. And it is the short term memory it effects. So when I forget to call, type, respond, check a blog-I APPOLOGIZE NOW! Just is part of all this brain fun! Sure helps teach me all of what to be thankful every day!

Seems we learn later and later-to finally begin to have those grateful thanks to our Lord and family and friends...that it is almost to a point of crippledness, when we finally wake up to our Lords love and mercy...and LOVE HIM SO MUCH BACK-no matter what is going on. I can keep crying to Him...but I know He will always take care of me...and that is an amazing fact I invest my heart, mind and soul in...and won't take that back...

I thank Him for all you and your wonderful prayers through all this. I have been inspired and alive to help others rather than dwell in a self pity party-and it feels wonderful! My prayers for others feels so much better than self mourning. It is allowed-and I have gone thru it...and I might again...but I know how to go to Him for that comfort these days...and it is the best feeling.

I praise Him for His love and blessing me with what I get to face-thru His love and grace. He will be guiding these doctors for the weeks to come and thru the brain surgery again! May Glory Be to God! :)

Bless you all...I will update you all how the neuropsych tests go-and appointment with my neurosurgeon tomorrow-time flies! Memory is down-so if past 7 pm AZ time...tomorrow-and you are wondering-drop me a tweet! :)

Blessings in His love and Grace-

Hetty Siebens


1 Jude 1:25 All glory to Him, who alone is God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Yes, Glory, Majesty, Power and Authority belong to Him, in the beginning, now and forevermore. AMEN!

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Christian Siebens said...

My incredible wife is a blessing to many..but she is so much more to me. She is my hero, my companion, my inspiration, my best friend and the love of my life. She has shown me what faith is all about. Faith is not only an act..it is a way of life. I wish she would not have to go through so much with her health..but I am confident that God's perfect Will will be accomplished through her suffering. I am a fortunate man in so may ways..and I want you to know Heather i will alwys be by your side..I am proud to be your husband. I love you Heather.

Your husband,