Was so amazing...I have been told by so many recently that I have been an inspiration...and that just took me for a loop. How could I be inspiring? It is twitter-so it couldn't be how my hair was that day...or the perfume on...or the books they can't see that I am reading. How can I be inspiring? I sat and took it in several times when I was understanding...it is just all Jesus working thru me. I wasn't so strong in my weakness before. Before I would be full of words I cannot repeat with out being disblogged. (is that a word?) Suffering over and over before had me hurt, yes, but then angry. It took more walking again...more ups and downs with my illness-and amazing guidance and talk from our Amazing God to let me know He has me on His amazing path, I just need to follow Him close-thrilled all the way-as for it is all for HIS GLORY! And that is so true! Can I hear an AMEN!?? (still don't hear it..) :)

So to all of you on twitter who amaze me...but have said such kind words saying I inspire you...just thank Jesus for talking to you...it is all Him. He works so many wonders-and me being able to know you all is an amazing wonder and gift from God! Blessings to you all...know when times see tough-they won't ever be too much that you can't handle-and will have use thru it all for His Glory! Knock on His door..continue to pray-so many doors are available-just pray for the right one for you and for Him-have Him close the rest! He is my main door-the only one I need!

Blessings to you and thanks for your friendship, inspiration, and sharing His word and music! :)

In His Grip,

Hetty Siebens

Philippians 1:29 For it has been granted to you that for the sake of Christ you should not only believe in Him but also suffer for His sake


Christian Siebens said...

God is using you in such an amazing way...Never lose your focus, never turn back, never lose hope and continue to be HIS light...He will bless you beyond measure. I love you.


SQ said...

I am with you my friend all the way!!
love you as if I have known u forever!!

you are a bright light in my world
: )

Betty said...

I agree with you 100%
I just met you and look forward to our future conversations. :)

Fred said...

I am in awe of how our living God uses our weakness to encourage others

Peggy Reeves said...

You are such a blessing!!! You amaze me everyday with your joy and boldness in expressing your love for Jesus and others. When Paul says in 2Cor. 12:10, "That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties, For when I am weak, then I am strong." I think of you. You are a living testimony of this verse and God's living powerful Spirit in you. I thank God for you and pray that He will continue to empower you and increase His love in you. Be strong! Be bold! You are a light to us all!

Dwayne said...

I just want to say thanks also, you are amazing. I asked you to say a prayer for me last week, just want to let you know that it went through. You are just a ball of fire on twitter, who would not love that.

Ron - 30dp on twitter said...

You, young lady, took the words out of my mouth - I too was thinking to write you are an "inspiration", but too late, you quoted others having stated the obvious already. Thanks for being you!

What a joy to know you.

Blessings, Ron
PS. Hubby and fam must be very proud. Q? your twitter photo is the wedding dress - very distinct, good idea. Was that long ago?

Also, you asked me (on twitter) how long I had been ... online. Same Q, how long have you been on twitter?

susan said...

For Hetty: I wanted to email you to let you know how I have been fighting cancer. I had no surgery, no chemo, but still have the tumors but they have not grown. I have taken scullcap for a year, which slows everything down, and I used vibrational healing(massager) has the right vibrations, got stung by a wasp which also helps heal you, for wasp have a venon that will electrocute parasites, and most cancers are caused by parasites, believe it or not) and prayer is my main stay! Plus a diet of berries, glandulars (thyroid, thymus, adrenaline) Had to go off that after I fell and broke a bone for my adrenalien increased by the shock! But my glands started as a results of the shock to my spine(fall) and my galnds kickedinto overdrive. Started functioning and I am also am sleeping. Lately I have been taking "Breath Deep" herbal tea and cayenne in my supper meal and my heart been calming down(been panicky)Plus I take vitamins/ minerals. And eating oranges like they go out of style, and eating Black eye peas, which help the cellular system, believe it or not. Those and blueberries and strawberries, for the berries keep your blood cleansed and LIFE'is in the blood. Keep the blood clean and it keep your body able to heal!You have a better chance of overcoming anything including cancer! Many epople dont understand the functions of all those thinsg, but I do because Iw as studying to be a Nurse practioner! I also stopped drinking milk and eating any dairy for those foods are not natural to the human body but pollutes the body believe it or not! Eat peanut butter, walnuts and almond milk. Mors betetr to get your calcium needs replenished. And prayer and Worship songs, help to heal the body. Foremost asking G*D to forgive you for any sinfulness, because sin ages your cells, destroys health! Sin is defined as "Knowing to do good and not do it". Sin pollutes! Faith without works is dead! May G*D keep you and heal you completely. by their fruits you will know them, also Read the Book: "The Tongue" a CREATIVE FORCE by Charles Capps, that booked helped me more than anything else. Its loaded with the healing words for your spirit! Email me at emmidr@Yahoo.com if you want to know more! Love helping a sister in the L*RD!
You have my prayers, Hetty! Its my Mission to help others who need to hear the truth for truth will set you free to Glorify G*D! Praises help heal you from the inside out! Praise G*D from whom ALL blessings flow. Hugs and prayers, Susan

Nate St. Pierre said...

Hetty, I've been looking through your site, and am so very happy that you've found peace in God and a way to spread that to others as well.

I went through a very bad near-death experience as well, and now that I'm healthy and whole again, I pray every morning, "Thank you Lord for this day, and for giving me the strength to get up and face it." Because it's not through my own power that I face my life - it's through him. I know you understand what I'm talking about.

Thanks for sharing with all of us.