Angelia~ Don't Fret

Angelia~ don't fret ...

Life was never easy for you,
Just a walk through the park. 
Some days seemed so amazing,
Yet so many trapped in the dark.

But you knew how to find yourself precious 
Bright light or pitch black out always handled things cool
When you had a goal you knew you'd have it, no end
But then came turns & jabs unexpectantly-you needed to know the fool.

Who could ever put YOUR babies life at risk without questions or consent?
Whoever could hold such a fragile being, as an object of science, not life?
I know who couldn't  & wouldn't it's You DOC MOM! You my friend are a gift from God, a present.
One who knew everything going on around her, and everybody's strife.

You are one tough cookie who continued life so positively as could be.
Thru all Nickybear went thru, most mothers would have already quit
But you kept pushing and including him, teaching and loving past degree.
He will never forget you girl, not one moment;just can't wait one bit!

Why? Cause you are a real mom. Dealing with reality of love and strife.
You knew the hardship realities of what this evilness could do
But you didn't let it get in the way of Nickybear living a young boy's life.
So much he did down here because OF YOU but sought him thru

You never gave up you never folded, you were a rock thru every step
I admire moms like you who chug away, fix, and push on then
Yet you love him so much you get up go again as if no fret
All you have created, all you have done, I just know you'd do it again.  

Your heart is still very full, full of his love here on earth
I couldn't imagine my child's life outside of giving birth
But you dear Ang take me by surprise 
by how much more you handle
Even between all your needed cries.

He is a precious gift once physically given to you a beautiful Sept morning
Who ever in this world would take that baby home with any type of warning
But so wise were you in seeking help fast,
In order to help all relationships with him last.

Now so many understand why you are mourning still.
He was straight up a gift from God born on a perfect fall date.
If only more could see the impact he made on little me who is ill,
Or believe not all are right some docs making mistakes-not fate.

But keep your chin as high as it goes.
Nickybear will send a butterfly to your nose.
He will talk to you in ways like never before.
The moment you lay it at Christ's feet not behind a door.

His promises are real and totally in tact
Never think once God never has your back
You are one super mom going thru mourning like Job
He will always understand that, give you time in your robe.

One day we will all meet up there where Nickybear has it set up his way
Which may be different than now, but I couldn't see how.
But I know that special all time angel- kisses you every day!
And one day you'll see or hear or feel him, and let out a crying wow!

Please don't forget me Angelia, you mean so much to me.
So much I wish I could tell you, or was able to take away from thee 
I know when He has plans there is always a Divine purpose never crystal clear
And leaves us to take hard times on unknowing cost and somehow give Him our fear

Today I say thank You God for giving Angelia and family such a very precious son
His birthday around the corner, here on earth just isn't as fun
But I know You have miraculous plans with all thru this thick and strife 
Some days just feels like a delusion but we know Nicky is there, alright.

Happy Birthday young man your mama misses you so
She helped me learn so much about you-I didn't want you to go
I wish I could have taken it on my 3rd brain surgery for you
But our God has way more plans Nicky, using you to get us thru!

Your mom is very special to me, please keep her in my prayers
She's truly an Angelic person with a heart you just don't dare
She is true and real and always in love with you
Please Nicky pass it on to Christ, to help get her thru.

One day when we are all out of this earthly circus walking on the wire
One day when we all were blown away about this young mans life
We will all gather up in Heaven talk about it all knowing not one is a liar
And carry on in Heaven above in love, friendship, but no strife.

I love you Angelia....and adore your precious son, gone too soon from Earth..... But still scoring 
points in Heaven, touching lives left and right.

Happy Birthday to you both this September 22nd...... Breathe thru it girl. Breathe his air he'll send!

Love you,


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