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1 John 4:4-6
But you belong to God, my dear children, You have already won your fight with these FALSE prophets, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world. These people belong to this world, so they speak from the WORLD'S VIEWPOINT, and the WORLD LISTENS TO THEM. But WE BELONG TO GOD; that is why those WHO KNOW GOD-LISTEN TO US. If they do not belong to God, they DO NOT LISTEN to us. That is how we know if someone has the Spirit of Truth or the spirit of deception. 

1 John 4:7-8
Dear friends, let us continue to LOVE one another, for LOVE come from GOD. Anyone who LOVES is BORN of God and KNOWS GOD. But anyone who does NOT love does NOT know God-GOD IS LOVE!

1 John 4:9
God showed how much HE LOVED US by sending HIS ONLY SON into the world so that we might have eternal life thru Him. This is REAL LOVE. It is not that we LOVED GOD, but that HE LOVED US and sent HIS SON as a sacrifice to take away OUR SINS

Our God is Amazing.... just make sure you stay in His walk- don't listen to all of the outside calls that are ways people twist the Bible way out of context. If you are unsure-go to your Pastor-friend... and me any time...... take a glance at this Blog, and definitely the scriptures.... but keep your heart pure and open for any and all that put you thru anything non-biblical, yet say it is. 
Matthew 7:15 
"Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep, but are really wolves that will tear you apart."

Matthew 7:21
"Not all people who sound religious are really Godly. They may refer to me as 'Lord,' but they still won't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The decisive issue is whether they obey my Father in Heaven."

It was very difficult back in 2003, when I was a single Mom to precious Tory. I was struggling hard to be a mom, try to understand why my ex husband beat me 5 months October 6, 2002... which lead me to overdosing to numb that pain. I just knew my doctor's at Mayo Hospital were doing their best-but I needed even something more than my neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, neurosurgeon on board. I needed the One, Only One who knew EVERYTHING about me-and my daughter, and my life. I am so grateful God guided me to the church we still go to today. It is so real. And never close any doors to anyone-even if you don't see eye to eye. Cause at first-I sure didn't get it-and I was still welcomed and helped-basically bottle fed, but willing to be. People who have questions about their beliefs or think part of the church is wrong-they are welcomed open armed to come talk it out. No one is booted out-unless they do something illegal to the church or if someone just came to spread evil words to innocent believers. The church I go to first off-are amazing at teaching children-Tory was 2 and on fire for Jesus!! Our church also has nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to shame or prepare for those who believe they are "true Christ believers." There is nothing over-observed or twisted verses to meet what particular other man made congregations look for and require in order to have any friendship or open-door relationship, ready and ok for questions or differences. Our church is by the Bible-exactly how it is written, and not how one twists it. Our Pastors always say if something seems iffy about a sermon-just pray and for us to go back to the book and re-read, understand it straight from God. But more and more man made churches-not Biblical Christ made churches-keep coming out with more twists-that if you really read it yourself-prayed about it-and if by then wanted a nondenominational churches imput-you'd figure it out. How corrupt so many can be. Many just build for the money...and even run. Some think it is from their heart-but Satan has a hold of their beliefs. Some just get swallowed into the popularity with growth. Many reasons... and many just forget the Reason is For Christ and His Church-His Coming-reaching to people to know His Real Truth. And I keep coming across more and more who twist so much-to meet what they want it to say. For their lifestyle. For their needs. For their business. But who are we really? We are daughter and sons of the Lord most High. Jesus came here to die for us-to wipe away all these incredibly awful and on-going sins... so that when we would wake up-reach to Him and know He is the Lord of Lord, King of Kings-our Savior and Best Friend-you would think we would do everything in our best to follow Him as close as possible, as Christ-like a man can be completely and a woman could be whole heartedly. His mercy and grace overflows everywhere we are, and everything we do, and every choice we make-even if it may not seem like it right then. He is continuing to mold us-even as we make awful mistakes. When we wake up from twisting words in His Book of Life--and begin to read it from our Christ-filled hearts that want NOTHING but to be and do nothing but what He wants to mold us into being. Giving up all our toys-knowing they will not follow us up to Home in Heaven anyway. 
It is so important to be on the right page, in the right sync with Christ. Not only have Him partially part of our actions cause it sounds catchy. But really, it's all selfishness inside our hearts when it isn't balancing right. When too much evil seems to attack you-and you attack back, instead of being humble with His beautiful Words of Life. That is the Armor to use. Watch our tongues-speak gently-keep your door open for people who are suffering inside-going thru trials from the Devil to pull them away. We are here to help them, gently back into the right walk again-not curse them for the parts of wrong doing. If we screeched about it-where would one listen to where they may be on a destructive path? If someone did it that way to me--I'd just go my destructive way even harder, usually. That is the usual human reaction. Kindness and care comes in somewhere from us thru HIM-that helps get us straight with Him....
Amazing part to re-think, all the temptations we go thru. Jesus had it hard on, straight from a weak point in His life

Galatians 6:1-3 
Dear brothers and sisters, if another Christian is overcome by some sin, you who are Godly should gently and humbly help the person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself. Share each other's troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ. If you think you are too important to help someone in need, you are only fooling yourself. You are really nobody.

Galatians 5:22 
But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, He will produce this kind of fruit in us; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law.

Galatians 1:8-9
Let God's curse fall on anyone, including myself, who preaches and other message than the one we told you about. Even if an angel comes from Heaven (Satan was an angel in the beginning....) and preaches any other message, let him be forever cursed. I will say it again: If anyone preaches any other gospel than the one you welcomed, let God's curse fall upon that person.

Galatians 1:4-5
He died for our sins, just as God our Father planned, in order to rescue us from this evil world in which we live. That is why all glory belongs to God thru all the ages of eternity. AMEN.

Responsibility can be tough... but like the picture above... worth every tear and pain we have to go thru-that responsibility is required for in the first place. I was in so much pain from feet to shoulders in this picture.... but Jesus is always there. As we seek Him. He allows us in His life-His Heart-no matter how dirty, treacherous we are or even how little bit of our heart we put into it. He sees the lowest of the low and thinks of them the same as all. Beautiful. Precious, Loved, Clean. His Daughter or Son. Sees when we are struggling health wise. But to really feel that-feel Him, really know all good is HIM-you have to be going down the right path seeking Him, finding, re-finding, teaching, learning about our Savior. The Path is Love-for Jesus Christ--who will then help you thru your Christ like paths to come--but none of them that alter HIS WORD- the Bible, or throw out of context, as many cults have to meet their comfortable needs. If you cannot live the life His Truth- says in the Bible in Black and White to the best of your ability daily, then it isn't your time right now--you are not free yet. More trials will endure, to hopefully help you see His Truth. Until perhaps one day hits and He can see there is no changing you-then, He has to toss your lack of attention, care and love to the outside world today. I myself am thrilled to help anyone and everyone--and know I am secure in my faith with my Lord and Savior to come back to me-proud for what I have done for Him in such a positive way. I love His creations and don't want one soul to perish. 
Watch your backs to the new "religions" and new "churches" going up that do not stay "friends" because of very small disagreements.... those are big ones in Christ's eyes, especially if the person keeps blocking people out of connection. To be Christ-like is to connect... be open and in discussion of rights and wrongs. I think some have it all very confused-many sadly without meaning to-others meaning to have a whole set up-church or church to be very confusing to people who have learned the right way thru Christ and a Christ like church but see major alterations in new ones coming. That isn't just pocket books working for some good cash-sadly, and I pray for some I know-but that is the devil at big time work and winning right now with many. So stay alert!! Reach out when you can!

Salvation is God's work--His choice--His gift..... not ours...Praising Him and His Son!

Romans 9:15
For God said to Moses,
"I will show mercy to anyone I choose,
and I will show compassion to anyone I choose."

Romans 9:18
So you see, God shows mercy to some just because He wants to, and He chooses to make some people refuse to listen.

Matthew 25:7
"So stay awake and be prepared, because you do not know the day or hour of My return."

1 Thessalonians 5:6-11
So be on your guard, not asleep like the others. Stay alert and be sober. Night is the time for sleep and the time when people get drunk. But let us who live in the light think clearly, protected by the body armor of FAITH and LOVE, and wearing as our helmet the confidence of our salvation. For God decided to save us thru our Lord Jesus Christ, not to pour out His anger on at the time of His return. So ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER and BUILD EACH OTHER UP, just as you are already doing.

So please, if any of this is happening to you-and you don't know where to go, who to talk to, what to say--I will remain anonymous if you'd like to talk and discuss your concern of where you are going, or who is converting you right now or at some point... Would be better to get your heart straight with Christ now--then when it is too late!!

Many blessings to you all.... my love and prayers to each of you!

In His Love,


Jesus had been fasting-forty days and nights....
Matthew 4:3-4 
The Devil came to Him and said to Him "If You are the Son of God, change these stones into loaves of bread." ... Jesus said... 
"No the Scripture say,
'People need more than bread for their life;
they must feed on every word of God."

Matthew 4:5-7
Then the Devil took Him to Jerusalem, to the highest point of the Temple, and said,  "If You are the Son of God, jump off! For the Scriptures say,
'He orders His angels to protect You, 
and they will hold You with their hands
to keep You from striking Your foot on a stone."
Jesus responded, "The Scriptures also say, 'Do not rest the Lord your God."

Matthew 4:8-10
The Devil took Him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed Him the nations of the world and all their glory. I will five it all to You (Jesus) " he (the Devil) Said, if You will only kneel down and worship me!"
"Get out of here Satan," Jesus told him. "For the Scriptures say,
'You must worship the Lord you God;
Serve ONLY HIM."

Deuteronomy 6:5
And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.

Exodus 34:5-6
Then the LORD came down in a pillar of cloud and called out His own name, "the LORD," as Moses stood there in His presence. He passed in front of Moses and said, "I am the LORD, I am the LORD, the merciful and gracious God. I am slow to anger and rich in unfailing love and faithfulness.

Leviticus 19:11-18
"Do not steal.
Do not cheat one another.
Do not lie.
Do not use My Name to swear falsehood and so profane the name of your God. I am the LORD.
Do not rob or cheat anyone.
Always pay your hired workers promptly.
Show your fear of God by treating the DEAF with RESPECT and by NOT taking advantage of the BLIND. I am the LORD.
Always judge your neighbors fairly, neither favoring the poor nor showing deference to the rich.
Do not spread slanderous gossip among your people.
Do not try to get ahead at the cost of your neighbor's life, for I am the LORD.
Do not nurse hatred in your heart for any of Your relatives.
Confront your neighbors directly so you will not be held guilty for their crimes.
NEVER seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone, but LOVE your neighbor as YOURSELF. I AM THE LORD."

Leviticus 19: 26
"Never eat meat that has not been drained of its blood.
Do not practice fortune telling or witchcraft."

Leviticus 19:31
"Do not rely on mediums and psychics, for you will be defiled by them, I, the LORD, and your God."

Exodus 34:14
You must worship no other gods, but only the LORD, for He is a God who is passionate about His relationship with you.

Exodus 15:2, 11
"The LORD is my strength and my song;
He has become my Victory,
He is my God, and I will praise Him!

"Who else among the gods is like You, O LORD?
Who is glorious in holiness like You-
performing such WONDERS?

Hebrews 6:11-12
For God is not unfair, He will not forget how hard you have worked for Him and how you have shown your love to Him by caring for other Christians, as you still do. Our great desire is that you will keep right on loving others as long as life lasts in order to make certain that what you hope for will come true. Then you will not become spiritually dull and indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to inherit God's promises because of their faith and patience.

Great songs to go with this discussion....

Only One Jesus - Medium from Hetty Siebens on Vimeo.

In His Love,


church I found Jesus at and go to still since Feb 9, 2003


Tom Chaffer said...

Brilliant, Heather. Always safe in His arms of Love - the arms of Jesus - whose characteristics, strength and sincerity are keenly defined in the Holy Scriptures! Love this article and GRATEFUL YHWH has brought you safe thus far and His grace will also lead you all HOME! Shalom, family. - Tom

Tom Chaffer said...

Always safe in the arms of Jesus! Arms defined by Scripture! HaleluYah! So grateful for you and your family, Heather - and for Jesus (I like to call Him by the Hebrew, Yeshua) who alone is worthy for saving people from the depths of despair and making His glory shine through! Yay, God!