A little visit

My brother came to visit with me this past week-and as I thought, turned out wonderful. We had a fall out a month or two ago-but we both go to our corners and get over it-then come back like nothing happened. For this I am so blessed!! This visit was a blessing!!
We had a different one tonight, just my husband Christian and I. I had a HUGE fall out with the pain clinic I have been having issues with since I started going there in February. But this took the cake!! They, without warning, cancelled my appointment saying I had to see my Primary Care doc. Well, with all brain surgeries and hospitalizations and it being a PPO-I have NEVER had to do this. So no warning and out of my prescription, they just asked me to get that appointment first. Now, the cute little nurse-actually not quite to that level yet, had no idea of disaster that was starting. Most would prescribe one to two patches until I get that doctor appointment-immediately. But instead tonight we had some entertaining to do. After the injection of a pain medication-to try to kill some of my pain-they made us wait 30 minutes to see how it helped etc. And my brain just remembers her feet coming toward me ready to have me sign, when I went into my complex seizure. I guess I scared her to death according to Christian. But came back out-upset as usual. So in order to let me leave, they injected me with Ativan to stop seizures, then the nurse was distraught and understood what WITHDRAWAL does to a seizure patient-and she was, after all that drama, able to prescribe the patch for me to wear for a few days-until we can straighten this fiasco out.
I am home. Jesus watched over us... and does each day. I know I will get thru all of this-and really look forward to the day I am off all this pain medication. It is unkind to seizure patients-and brings no joy like so many addicts think it will. Just shuts the brain off more than mine already is, from all 3 brain surgeries...
So that day of joy is coming. I just look forward to telling you all when it happens!
Til then, thank you precious Christian for taking great care of me--"There is no one like you!!!"

Bless you all!!

In His Arms,


Jeremiah 17:15 Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for You are my praise.

Romans 15:13 So I pray that God, who gives you hope, will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in Him. may you overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit

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Ol' Tom said...

Heather I had no idea of the difficulty they are putting you through, I feel so bad that you have to deal with that level of un-professional medical assistance. It seems to be a trend since so many facilities have opted to fire experienced staff member and replacing them with "B" grade employes just to save a few bucks, The top dogs would never think to make cuts in the grossly high salaries they receive.