My precious family-my 2nd home
I don't enjoy any hospital stays-even at Mayo Hospital with the most amazing neurologist God brought to practice. I am very gracious for him. He has been like an uncle almost to me. Very caring of me, my life, health, circumstances that could cause seizures such as my ex beating me... and always been very caring of my daughter and who he knew as even my husband to be way back in 2002. He has skills most neuros don't have--true care. And I will be gracious to God forever more. 
They decided to retry a medication at just a low dose I haven't been on since before my 2nd brain surgery. I had some bad reactions then-but I had a lot of pinned up stress that hadn't been "noticed" on my end until I looked back later in life. And it was due to the stress of no forgiveness to my ex I was going thru divorce with--for beating me. So maybe that pinned up stress I had back then, before my 2nd out of 3 brain surgeries caused the bad side effects on a high dose-we will try and see. Just know that the one that was great for me - for the most part- causes kidney pain in my bad kidney. All capsules kill my kidney-probably cause they open quicker than tablets. So all my meds have been changed to tablets-- we will see where God has me walking.
My neuro is very trustworthy and caring-and just saw in my face I missed my family. So he kindly asked if I was comfortable enough to go home today--I was so gracious for that offer of care!! It wasn't another brain surgery-just watching my seizures and my seizure active brain calm waaaay down by fourth morning. So I am home with my precious family that do truly love me and care about all that stress my brain and other health issues put them thru. But God knew what was going to be happening in my life-and prepped these two amazing soles on how to handle it with love, and not much stress. They do a fabulous job together and visiting me my dear husband Christian Siebens and daughter Tory Siebens.
My daughter has her own neurology doctor to see next week. And I know they are going to want to take her in for EEG video monitoring as well--the camera on us and recording our brain waves to see if and when they spike-what do we physically do? Was an amazing invention--very wise. I pray we can taper her off her medication. She has been doing perfect-and I don't want her in my shoes at my age. That is a daily big prayer of mine, personally. But God does have a purpose for everything. I've seen how all this has helped others find Jesus-my family helping others find Him while in the cafeteria there-or going up elevators etc..... He has a way to use us all--all for Him Glory, in many different ways. I know when I had friends having all my twitter/FB friends praying for my 3rd brain surgery--it helped people reach to Him also-or re-align their relationship with our Savior. So no matter what we go thru- you have to think twice how it can be affecting others-for His Glory. So we are to hang onto Him, our faith, and know His plans way out weigh our personal plans.
I know He has a reason for every thing. Great to change some medications- but I've also been talking to a dear friend of mine for a while about what she is selling. I am not one big on any pyramid sales- but she isn't like that. Sondra Verva just reaches out far and deep into peoples lives and what is effecting them, sits and visits with almost every single one-talking normal life talk Which helps lead to what is going on in the core of peoples lives-and what do they possibly need-natural from Jesus' day to help everything get back to "normal" or "naturally well." There are many issues medically with me--that it gets to a point I can't have additional brain surgeries after the 3rd one that was done awake... my kidney really will need to be taken out from being a bit of a struggling one my whole life-but years of medicine did not help. So I am, while still on my meds for now, going to give her products a go-and see the action over moths time. The headache ones were amazing-so I look forward to being a customer that is also a Christian friend of Sondra Verva in the company she sells for to help all illnesses see wellness.... company called doTerra  - look stuff up at www.everythingessential.me 

I love you all and thank God for all your cares and prayers. Praying for you all as well.... He is the ONE that works all the wonders.....

In His Love,

Heather Siebens

For my precious hubby who is my guardian - I'd be yours too if you had these health issues-- still your guardian thru life! Love you Christian!!

2 Corinthians 4:8-10
We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed and broken. We are perplexed, but we don't give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going. Through suffering, these bodies of ours constantly share in the death of Jesus so that the life of Jesus may also be seen in our bodies.

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FlyingChristian said...

We are blessed to have you home my love. you are a fighter and for that we are thankful you might have days of utter despair, but Jesus pulls you back up and keeps you walking. We are thankful He gives us the strength to be your guardians...but in reality, your willingness to never give up keeps us strong and taking one step at a time. I am so thankful for Dr. Draz and for your willingness to try doTerra. God has placed some amazing things in this earth for us...hopefully He opened up His wisdom to Dr. Draz,Sondra and you this week and gave you the gifs of bettet health through them. I love you..and will always do my best to be everything you need in life. XOX. Glad you are home.

Heather Siebens said...

You were everything I needed way before I was everything you needed.... and we are blessed I stayed focused on us to be--to be here and trying every day just to be well in health-but more so in our every lasting love for Christ and each other....
We are forever blessed!! I love you! Please don't be anxious.... all works out for His Good!