Add to GoogleHow many of us all love to hear those words... "Just keep the faith...." ? When things are flying by our eyes at a million miles an hour, a million dollar$ an hour, a million I LOVE YOU'S in a failing marriage per hour, a million prayers a minute for your child, parent or loved one who is going thru drastic surgery or just diagnosed with something only God can take away? We all have been thru one or more of these--and millions more and we ask "how can We stop this? No one can do a thing about this-it's all in my hands. Or I'm too weak to handle this, why would God ever allow this???
We've all been thru statements similar to that as well. Where whatever we are going thru has gotten so out of hand, that obviously God never paid any attention to your "express call" leaving every last decision, choice, statements, radical actions-everything we all feel, and more all up to just us. As for after a milion prayers-there was never one answer that you noticed. That is the key word-NOTICED. But the amazing part about our selfish timing and needs or wants-is that His plans are the amazing ones. His plans, as we trust Jesus WILL flow in PERFECT timing, and AMAZING outcome as we keep seeking Him, trusting Him, praying to Him, sharing His word in how He is working thru you thru your suffering. Because here is the catch, what you go thru has very little if sometimes nothing to do with you, except to keep your faith strong. It is to show others that miraculous faith God has blessed you with and you have grown as you have kept walking in the Word of God. My little daughter, at a very young age when I was in Mayo Hospital for my 2nd brain surgery-she and her dad were in the hall coming to see me; they came upon a woman in tears-and my daughter has this HUGE HEART for EVERYONE. Tory stops to ask the lady what was wrong-the ladies husband was going to die of staff infection in the next 48 hours....my Tory's words in reaction were; "Does he know Jesus as his Lord and Savior??"
Now I know I was in that hospital for my 2nd (out of 3) brain surgeries. And I was full of strong faith-had many church ladies come up to pray out loud with me. This grabbed awesome attention as well. I had a nurse hold my hand after my huge seizure and pray the surgery thru Christ was miraculous. Many nurses asked about my beautiful music and what I was reading. So me being there, surrounded by Christ-filled setting got many asking questions, some wanting to get back into their faith too. He has reasons for all hard times. It is a time for us to be strong during our weak point... but the only way to be able to do that, is to hold tightly onto Christ!!! Let Him lead you where He has plans. During all tragedy, even if you fall, get back on His shoulders.... HE will NEVER forsake you. Always carry you thru each storm, that has a beautiful silver lining--NOT TOO FAR AWAY!!! Trust me please.... I've gone thru these over and over now seeing each broad pictures for WHY's--all though there are many He knows, I won't until I see Him face to face one day. But life has been so much more beautiful as His child, loving Him, following Him-as opposed to when I would push away from that Jesus guy---all my life until I was 26 on deaths door. His plans are beautiful... and so forgiving. I could never ask for more-He is my Everything-and has given me more than everything in this beautiful life.
So if you are suffering right now--look at what He has given you, and think twice about anger toward Him. He gives us too much--and overflows with love. His suffering we can't ever compare to. His love is great, His majesty is beautiful, His promises are never to be broken.
Love to you all.... as I pray for you all.... going thru tough times. I greatly know them-but greatly know Christ's healing and love and plans---just AMAZING!!

In His Love,

Heather J Siebens



FlyingChristian said...

I love the way you express your thoughts... So deeply from your heart you can feel and hear your soul. Jesus has rescued us all... But despite he rescue we still do have to suffer thru this thing called life. Having Faith and Hope though leads us to joy on this side of heaven. I love you . Thank you for being transparen and a leader for Him!

Ol' Tom said...

Heather I thank you so much for posting on my blog!!! I have admired your courage and determination from the start. Even more so I admire your love for our blessed savior Jesus. You have such a wonderful family and I see a big difference now that you are back in Arizona. All my love in Christ and post whenever you feel it.