Transparency-God's workings!

Transparency ... SUCH A GIFT Jesus can bless us with----IF WE ACCEPT IT!!!

We have, yes the choice of hiding everything, or things we think that will make people run... think that we are somehow an alien or devil ridden or just weird... or we can be open with all that is going on in our life- knowing God turns all trials, health issues, work failings, money issues, marriage failings, rapings, beatings.... gosh etc.... He can turn it ALL for His Glory--- as we seek HIM--HIS help-- Trust Him... look to Him to help us thru it all-- knowing HE WILL SEE US THRU-- or we can be the type to take all control. But I say good luck. I tried that before I knew Jesus... and Lord, I can now compare the two-- BIG day and night.

I have personally been able to take many "bad" stuff and "hard" stuff... and use it to help others. See the light there is hidden in it all. As we walk close with Christ. When my ex beat me October 6, 2002... I could have been the type to yap and yell and rage on about it to the world... including (right now) our daughter.... but I didn't. I first-- because of that-- ran to find Jesus. AMEN!! Second, knew if my little one ever heard about that-- even in her very tiny years-- it would mentally affect her for years to come. Divorce-- even when the child doesn't know that other half well, is hard enough. I had parents that shared way too much info on their tragic marriage with me when I was small--that is where you live and learn comes in handy. Thru my close walk with Jesus since I found Him in 2003... it took me 3 more years to forgive my ex--- but it sure felt awesome when I did. And thru that.... he came into Tory's life for almost 2 years... with me being cordial, working with him and his military schedule. With faith-GOD WORKS WONDERS. He wasn't happy that Tory never saw him as dad few times she saw him. Well, my husband today has raised her since she was 2... he is her dad. I can't twist her arm. He has to earn it. Just as we have to call to Christ-our Father... "be my Dad!!! My Savior!! My Everything.!!!" That is what my husband is to Tory. Always there for her. Not one who might call once every 3 or so weeks. Imagine is Jesus was only around THAT MUCH??? WOW!!! How would life be?? We would be really sinking!! Jesus saw the actions... and my ex decided to give her to my husband for adoption.. I signed the papers day before our anniversary... so it is almost complete... what an anniversary gift from Jesus. And I will say--it is when we walk tight with Him, and don't waver. Don't snap. Don't let anger overflow our love for Jesus and all people. Because still today-my ex and I can still have a decent conversation, when we need to talk. So things work out amazing--when we hold on tight to Jesus--thru YEARS of a trial--or just days or months of one--HE GETS US THRU!!!! No pill will. No other "god". Nothing--but faith and prayer to Jesus, as you trust Him, and walk with Him tight--trying to be more and more like Him. Talk about an amazing God...WOW!! He has worked wonders in my life---and keeps working more. Setting up my 3rd brain surgery. That I know He is ready to control my seizures--thru faith. I love Him so much. He just amazes me--thru every great day, and hard day...know HE LOVE YOU EVERYDAY...
Sharing these stories... I am one very open soul.... I take all I go thru--and share it with all. I have come across so many I have been able to help because my mouth is so BIG.. about my illnesses, my faith, my ex, my life change today. Hiding all you go thru, doesn't help the one that could benefit GREATLY from your amazing faith, and knowledge of what issues you endure--yet still have faith!! Still are uplifting and loving. Not bitter, or angry. You can hold your hand out with the knowledge that will touch ones heart FOREVER. My MOUTH, ME, I am very transparent and open. Here for all... come to me on @EpilepsyCures and @AliveinMe on twitter.com
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A few I'd love to see you at!! You all are blessings to me!!!!!

In His Grip,

Heather (Hetty) Siebens

The glory of God, and, as our only means to glorifying Him, the salvation of human souls, is the real business of life.
~C.S. Lewis

Whenever you are fed up with life, start writing: ink is the great cure for all human ills, as I have found out long ago.
~C.S. Lewis

One of my favorite books, yes it is: from 1955--- Harold and the Purple Crayon By Crockett Johnson :)


Melinda Lancaster said...

People we never share the trials how can we share the triumphs?
I thank God for your transparency and the way He is using it for His work.

Serene Low said...

Great sharing or I should say "Sermon". You sure talk like a pastor. God's peace, mercy, grace and love be with you and your family always.

sojourner said...

I'm crying