Blessings are amazing...and all of you are sure BIG BLESSINGS!!

Blessings can sure be hidden when we don't open are heart to them surrounding us. Even during hard trials...there are such amazing blessings that occur thru them. We just have to recognize them...and be gracious and thankful. Sometimes that can be so tough.

It has been a tough few months for me...with my child MIA with my ex over the summer...from lack of communication. But I had to put my trust in Christ...no human power. And He saw us thru. Not only that...but He also blessed Tory and our family with my ex deciding to back out...to do what is best for Tory. Yes, part selfish for money...but also realizes who she sees as her dad from lack of being there...psychologically it is best for our child...and in time she can make her own decisions. But her dad is here in our home...has been for her since she was 2. So even thru those tough days in the summer...with faith and trust..Jesus more than blessed us and Tory.

As well as health....we have to rely on Christ. We never know why..it is all going on. When it will all stop. But we know He ALWAYS has us in HIS HANDS as we love and trust Him...He never lets us down. So even seizure after seizure...turning into more health issues I keep having over and over...which is lack of ability to walk...lift arms...that hit again last weekend. I was scared. It hits....but it hit HARD. But He saw me thru. Even with my nurse snapping at me with little care...I praise Jesus for my neurologist who called me back. He has a heart of GOLD. And will re run blood work AGAIN. I have a real fun system that doesn't absorb vitamins well...so if I lack several and haven't had them infused lately...I fall to pieces. And it very much handicaps me. So...we will see. I take so many meds for my seizures right now until surgery is done...that those don't help. They just add to it...but I try my best...to keep up on them..and always see that light Christ has for me thru all of this...to share with others.

As for the hardest part..I clammed up for sometime do to family issues. My brother's sociopathic problems. My parents just take him in again...and don't understand tough love. And he has been this way...since childhood. He needs to learn..hard...that WE WILL BE THERE..once he himself..goes and gets help...and stops using everyone. Using every drug..but if one keeps coddling him...he will never get better. And then they have no right to complain for all he has taken from them...so...it is tough..if there is one in my family who uses their heart...it has always been me. One who is the one ALWAYS THERE...loving..in all times. But I am shut out now due to tough love. And I pray that he will get help...and they all will re-love me when they understand why I am doing this. All I want is for my brother to get better...I have been in very similar shoes. So it hurts when someone you love dearly...is just hurting not only themselves...but everyone you love around you. He has so much potential.

I know God will see it all thru...Christ has worked wonders in my life. That is proof He can and WILL in ALL lives...who are ready for Him to!! Just reach out to Him...ask Him into your life...and WOW...you will watch amazing changes to come over the years of your walk with Him! Just amazes me every day...HE NEVER GIVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE...but sure blesses us A TON!

And I am blessed to know all of you!!

So glad to be back up...ALIVE IN HIM...AS HE IS ME...On Twitter..Walking better...typing more!! And my mouth is a go!!

God bless you all!! Tweet me!!

((HUGS)) from me thru Christ!

In HIs Love,

Heather (Hetty) Siebens

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