Thirty nine years and counting

That little dude above is one of my closest friends ever. We literally talk about everything - good, bad, tough, dreams, mistakes, family, life, God,..etc.  That tiny little dude has made such an impact on my life, my daughter, even in ways my husband. The guy above is very special to me, and no matter what struggles we have endured, I am always opened armed to him. Always start over again. Always love him so dearly. That special dude up there is my big brother, Troy.

That dude was always so special to me, he just didn't realize it for some time. Even with my naming my daughter after him (him being Troy, my daughter Tory) he didn't catch on. It has taken such rough times, for us both, for him to see my never ending love. And my love is totally for him, my big bro... Not who he is in work life, not who he is financially, not who he is popularity, not who he is in struggles or none. He is my blood. I looked up to him growing up, chased after him as a young adult, caught him over the past several years.

These weeks with him back home with us have been a pivotal change. No one is cranky, confused, depressed. All getting along like God really planned this. He helps me in areas I am unable to do, like tutoring my kiddo. His IQ blows me out, and he hung onto so much. Just not my territory. But it is a God thing. Bringing him closer to my daughter in a way I cannot. Gods plans marvel me. We have all been out of our rooms and chatting every night. It is just like God touched him and helped change him, letting him know how special he is to us. I am so gracious.

He and I are hilarious, we can stay up endless hours, talking about every subject forever. I am so gracious to God for us, my family. Changes my look on life.

We have such an interesting connection, like we were identical twins. Kinda scary at times, more hilarious. He doesn't realize what an impact he is on me, my daughter, my family. We are gracious to have him as part of ours, cause he and I are blood, forever best friend siblings. My life would not be complete without him.

I love you Troy.... Always look forward to another day, or late chat night. I am the blessed one. 

Ironically, my daughter, whom I named after my brother ...was also born in the exact name town, different states. This all was a God thing!!!! We love you Troy.

Above is the car you cherished...yet I would try to get in it as a baby, or lay on the hood. Those pics you didn't look like my best friend. But I think you really were just watching out for my safety, right....

Your Sis,


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